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August 6th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Seeing the Industry with Wise Eyes

By Mike Feldman

I’ve seen it all and it’s the accumulated wisdom that has developed over long years that’s made me a “legend” in this industry, and it’s well deserved, if I do say so myself.

Seriously, what other industry can you think of where the small family-owned businesses and dealers in towns and cities throughout the country bear the burden of the “Lion’s Share” of advertising and marketing costs?

Manufacturers seem to me to spend more money on recruiting new dealers instead of focusing on consumer awareness and educating facility managers on the benefits of window film.

The “old is forever new” and this reality isn’t going to change.

Each of us has to find our own way to make the phone ring. Humor really can be the best medicine because being able to laugh at yourself and your clients can stop your complaining; at least for the moment.

Is This True

I love it when a potential client asks me whether this stuff really works. I’ll look at the clock and ask them if I’m the first person today who has lied to them?

No, not really.

But if I’m a complete fraud who’s here to sell you smoke and mirrors then I’ve got some swamp land in Florida ready for immediate occupancy. And I’ll let you just slip on a pair of sunglasses and lose my warranty documents the moment I leave your house.

You know older clients laugh when I tell them they get a lifetime warranty! There’s a sort of poetry and irony to it. We then spend the next few minutes comparing notes about what pills we’re taking. I also hate it if they ask to read the darn warranty, since I can’t recall ever reading it myself, plus the small print is simply unreadable.

Go With the Flow

How about clients who specify that they don’t want a shiny film and you propose some non-reflective “such and such” to later discover they went with a competitor who sold them a super shiny film?

Once I asked the client why he changed his mind. He said the “other guy” told him silver wasn’t shiny at all and “why would that guy lie?”

You really can’t make this up.

I just love when a manufacturer’s sales rep comes to my office to tell me how much film I’ve bought this year compared to last year and questions me. One guy complained about the awning on my building and said it looked kind of dirty while the other guy who carries the same films works out of his house.

I received a poor review on Google because one client didn’t like my shop’s free coffee and this review remains on the site five-years and counting.

Do you see what I’ve become? After being on window film duty for so long I’ve evolved into a cranky old guy screaming at kids to get off my lawn. I used to stick my nose into stuff I should’ve avoided and loved a good debate as much as the next guy. For example, why do other guys sell their products and services so cheaply or why would someone select another company over mine? Were these people suffering from some type of hearing loss? Was it a case of early-onset Alzheimer’s?

Like I said, none of my beeswax.

I see young whippersnappers out there with their new-fangled films that turn dark and light. They have films that plug into a wall and need an expert electrician to install. Am I excited, of course not.

My pioneering days are behind me. I’m sticking with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. You can keep the salmon sherbet all to yourselves.

Some folks say I should offer more advice. One of my clients reviewing my quote asked me why he should buy from me. I took off my watch and started swinging it back and forth in front of his eyes. I told him to gaze at the watch and take deep breaths. Then I said, now approve and sign my quote, and he did.

My hypnosis technique worked yet again!

Mike Feldman is the president of Advanced Film Solutions in New Port Richey, Fla.

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