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August 13th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

It Takes 2: Father and Son Team up to Take on Window Film

By Emmariah Holcomb

We all know of some famous duos, like Thelma and Louise, and Batman and Robin, but this latest duo, and this issue’s Film Star, or Stars in this case, have been in the industry for decades. The father-son duo, Jared and Cody Becker, of Shore Tint and More (Shore Tint), located in Harbeson and Seaford, Del., proves that sometimes all you need is your other half.

The Beckers currently have five full and part-time employees, and generate approximately $300,000 to $500,000 per year. *This number is based off of the first location (Harbeson) as the pair recently opened their second location. According to the Becker duo, the company is well diversified, as 35% of its business from automotive work, 45% from architectural projects, 10% on security projects and 10% on decorative installations.

The Foundation

Jared says he started window tinting at 14 years old and developed a strong passion for working with vehicles. “I rode my bike every chance I got to a tint shop and watched what they were doing,”
says Jared. “To a 14 year-old kid being able to work on cars was the coolest thing in the world.”

His dream became a reality 10 years later when he opened the first Shore Tint location in 1992. “If you fast-forward about 30 years from when I started, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of square feet of window film that I’ve installed and I’m still loving it as much as when I first started as a kid,” says Jared.

He’s worked on everything from JP Morgan Chase buildings, to McDonalds’ locations, several hospitals and even for the Metropolitan Washington Airport Association. “If I had to put a number on it, I’ve also installed around 2,000 cars per year alongside all of the residential and commercial projects that we take on as a company,” says Jared. “But having the opportunity to work side-by-side with my son Cody has formed a bond like no other!”

Cody had an early start in the industry thanks to his dad. “I’ve been a shop kid ever since I was a little baby,” he says. “I was always in the shop playing around with my dad’s office and trying to clean windows in different cars because that’s what he would do.”

But there’s a turning point in every relationship, including this one. Cody says one of the most memorable jobs took place when he was 10-years old. “I distinctly remember my dad working on the
Coast Guard Station, and while he was doing the hard work, I was given a tour of the different boats,” Cody recalls. He says this sort of thing happened a lot when he was growing up, which aided in his desire to continue working with his dad. “When I fast forward from then to now, sometimes it’s hard to believe that I help run our two locations with him,” he says.

“If it weren’t for my family I would have never gone into window film,” says Cody. “I was a nosey kid and wanted to be around my dad and do what he did.”

Cody has spent the past five years doing installations and projects “legitimately,” he says and still has a long way to go.

Working Through It

Although the Beckers have a strong bond and work ethic, things took a turn when the business was forced to work through a global pandemic. The duo says there was one month in 2020 that their business was “almost closed” due to a severe decline in new customers and projects. “It was pretty bad at first, but Shore Tint was deemed as an essential business and we were able to do certain projects,” says Cody. However he notes that Shore Tint’s customers weren’t all deemed as essential workers and customers were not spending money on window tinting services. Fortunately, this set back didn’t last long, as the company had one of its biggest months ever in 2020. “We doubled our November numbers,” explains Cody.

He attributes the company’s November profits to stay-at-home orders being lifted throughout the state. “I’m glad we ended 2020 on a high note,” he says.

Challenges in 2020 weren’t the only teachable moments for the company, as Cody says over the years he’s learned useful tips. “Not overpromising was a big thing for me because I love to get things
done for people,” Cody says.

Sudden Growth

Jared has been in the industry for decades and Cody is starting to think his father might be looking to retire at some point. If that were to happen, Cody says he will bring a new drive and outlook to the family-owned business and continue in his father’s footsteps—expanding to more locations.

“My dad’s five year goal is to have a third location, especially since we’ve seen success after opening our second one,” says Cody.

The company’s first shop in Harbeson, Del., is literally in the middle of “nowhere,” according to Cody, and its intersection has about 7,000 cars per day going through it. The new Seaford, Del.,
location’s intersection has roughly 100,000 cars going through it each day. “The reason behind our expansion to the second location was growth—we wanted more,” Cody explains.

Within the past year Shore Tint began working with Tint Wiz and made a few upgrades. Now the business no longer uses paper, as they’ve gone digital. “Since we made the switch our customers have really enjoyed how clean everything is and we’re going to keep this model going forward,” says Cody.

Don’t Quit

“The best life advice we can give is don’t give up, because there will be hard times,” the duo says.

Above all the Beckers say they both are appreciative for what the industry has given them.

“It’s given both of us a platform and without window film we wouldn’t have been able to meet and learn from so many in the industry,” the duo say. “We’re ready for the long haul and now is
the time where we can really have fun with it.”

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