FILMarketing January/February 2019

August 4th, 2021 by Bryan

Success in the Residential Market

By Kendall Combs

With 2019 in full swing, our team at Solar Gard is taking hold of innovative ways to both build consumer awareness for film solutions and engage more effectively with our valued dealer network. We’re continually inspired by the drive and commitment our partners bring to this profession, and I hope the start of the New Year has welcomed you with a sense of renewed success and opportunity to grow your business in fresh ways.

Given the residential focus of this issue, I can’t think of insight more beneficial than to hear directly from someone in our network who has built an incredibly strong reputation. With over two decades in the window film industry, Dave Oetzel of Sun Control Specialists has perfected his approach effectively cornering the Philadelphia-area high-end residential market. As a target audience he’s found it beneficial to offer the best value for the time he invests.

I asked Dave to share his top tips for achieving success in this niche market–read on for his guidance.

Dress for Success

“Prioritizing a professional appearance and demeanor sets you apart. Chances are you’ll have some far less experienced competition calling on these prospects as well, and you want to make the choice easy for them.”

Be Honest and Make Every Installation Showcase-Worthy

“Anyone can ‘sell the moon,’ but most consumers can easily discern whether you’re giving them truthful information or not. When these clients are closely connected to a network of other potential affluent ones—an enthusiastic referral is what will skyrocket your business.”

Own the Project, Start to Finish, Without Being Overly Pushy

“Remember these homeowners are used to making extremely high-powered decisions, so concisely and positively give them the facts while respecting their intelligence. Assure them of your ability to execute a high-quality installation, knowing some hand-holding will most likely be required. Make sure to turn any “issues” into “non-issues,” acting quickly to resolve any of their concerns.”

Partner Confidently With a Manufacturer You Trust.

“Knowing I’m offering world-class solutions—from an established supplier I believe also wants the best for my business—allows me to approach this very discriminating segment with an additional angle of support.”

Kendall Combs is the general manager of thin films at Solar Gard.

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