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August 9th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Becoming a Security Film Expert

By Kendall Combs

When consulting with schools on safety film, it’s critical to stay educated on everything from technology updates to the latest security grants. District superintendents and school resource officers look to you to advise them on the best solutions for their building needs. Understanding both, the installation considerations and educational landscape are prerequisites for being seen as an authority in the industry.

An initial note of caution: not every window film professional should pursue security film success. It’s an entirely different ballgame than automotive, architectural and solar work. Asking yourself if you’re comfortable with much longer project timelines, the need for perfected installation techniques, expert knowledge of glass systems, and the time and research needed to stay abreast of how schools can logistically and financially complete this life-saving work – these should be questions that you can confidently answer “yes.”

Whether you’ve just established this commitment or have been helping protect schools for years, possessing the technical and industry mastery alone won’t ensure your position as the go-to source for safety film. You still have to promote your skills and experience to build awareness of your brand and business. Here are some ways to get started.

1. Leverage Your Certifications— You’ve worked hard for your credentials, so make sure interested customers know what they are. Explain to your contacts why these accreditations and honors are important, including a confirmation they are working with a true security professional.

2. Put Your Experience Into Stories—We are all more likely to consider something when it’s been proven effective by someone in a similar situation. While it may take additional time and effort, the pay-off of gathering photos, testimonials and approvals needed to create and promote case studies of your school work will certainly make it worth your while. If you have the resources to create full written and video versions, great—if not, a slideshow with text created with a mobile app and posted online will still be quite effective.

3. Take a Broader View—Yes, a superintendent will probably give the final green light on the installation, but think about all of the other influencers involved in these decisions and start making those connections. Consider sponsoring the next PTA event at your child’s school, teacher lunch, or sending an introductory email to your local police department. Did you just see the headline on a new state school safety grant? Create an outreach list for the districts in your area to let them know how you can effectively put those monies to use to better protect teachers and students.

One of the most fulfilling privileges our profession offers is the opportunity to design safer learning environments. I look forward to building on the school safety successes our industry has already achieved, and seeing how large-scale awareness for these essential solutions grows in the coming year.

Kendall Combs is the general manager of thin films at Solar Gard.

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