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August 2nd, 2021 by Bryan

Social Media Marketing: “Dos” and “Don’ts” for Window Film Professionals

By Kendall Combs

Running a business is hard work. Running a window film business is even harder. To be a successful window film professional requires a broad range of skill sets including technical knowledge of products and installation techniques, sales, marketing, advertising, inventory control, time management, people management, physical and mental strength, and even patience with those pesky
manufacturers. I continue to admire the entrepreneurship within our industry and the professionals who combine these skills to rise to the top. However, it’s not possible for everyone to be an expert in every discipline.

With busy season in full swing, capitalizing on your best installations should be a top priority when marketing your services on social media. However, it must be done right for it to be effective.
To help out, I spoke to some of the marketing experts at our company to outline some Do’s and Don’ts when managing social media for your business. Here is what they had to say:

Do: Post on Google+ and Google My Business

Google loves Google. Using these two platforms on a daily basis increases your chance to appear in browser searches. Bonus: they’re both free!

Don’t: Waste (all) Your Time on Facebook

Facebook is now a pay-to-play social platform. Even with the most compelling content on your business’ page, an extremely small percentage of your followers will actually see it. How to get around this? Boost your best posts for $5 a day, making sure they actually reach your target audience.

Do: Video, Video, Video

After a long day in the auto bay or on-site with a commercial client, creating video content probably seems daunting—but video is truly “where it’s at” for social marketing. Easily start by pulling your phone or tablet photos to create a slideshow with any of the various free mobile apps, or leverage a desktop program like Animoto to design more informative videos. Keep it short (15 seconds). Keep it simple.

Don’t: Use Any Imagery or Video Without Permission

This is a big one. Doing a search for “photo release waiver” in any browser will give you thousands of options. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to grant you approval to post an image of
someone’s newly tinted car or a school that has just increased their safety. Print out a dozen and keep them with you on job sites or at the shop.

Must: Post Only High-Res/Quality Images or Video

Most of us have smartphones with great cameras and as long as you use them correctly, you’ll get the snapshot you need. However, if you’ve secured a significant project that you just know people
would love to see, think about hiring a professional photographer or videographer for an hour. The investment you make will more than pay for itself, by now having a library of amazing imagery
you can incorporate into online posts, local ads, shop brochure and posters, car magnets, stickers and more.

Whether you spend your days in an auto bay or on site with clients, building a successful window film business does require building awareness. Social media is a great tool through which to do so, but it doesn’t come easy for everyone. Following these tips and spending a few minutes each day or week to improve your social media skills is a great way to let the internet work for you while you work away.

Kendall Combs is the general manager of thin films at Solar Gard.

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