First Annual New Product Guide

August 10th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Window Film, Ceramics, PPF. It’s All New and All Here

When WINDOW FILM launched its First Annual New Product Guide this year, we had no idea we would get so many submissions. And it’s not just window film. If you offer, or are thinking of adding, related products including paint protection film, ceramics and more, we have those products covered as well.

Graphics and Laminates

Drytac is SpotOn with White M50

Drytac has grown its window graphic media range with SpotOn White M50, offering 50-percent more opacity than standard SpotOn White products. The company is marketing the light-blocking properties of the product as a matte media ideal for window applications in retail, medical or office environments, as well as for wall graphics, trade show displays, indoor signage or retail promotions where show-through would otherwise affect the design.

Specifically, this 100μ (4 mil) monomeric PVC film can be used for short-term applications with a unique dot pattern adhesive that is virtually undetectable but offers what the company says is easy and bubble-free installation, reliability while in place, and clean removal within 12 months.

Drytac SpotOn White M50 is an ink-receptive printable vinyl with compatibility with UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent printing technologies. It is available in roll widths of up to 1,370mm (54 inches) and offers interior durability of up to three years and outdoor of up to six months.

Mactac Unveils Economical Laminate

Mactac Graphic Products has developed Permacolor PermaGard SAG 38 in response to customer demand for an economy laminate that can be used for short-term anti-graffiti and perforated window film applications. The most economical offering in the series, the films can be applied over graphics and windows to protect against graffiti, light abrasion and graphic fading caused by UV rays, according to the company. In addition, the company says PermaGard SAG 38 films offer “perfect” optical clarity, which makes them an excellent choice for protecting one-way vision/perforated window films.

The laminate is a 1.5-mil, high-gloss, ultra-clear durable polyester facestock coated with an optically clear, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is protected by a 1.5-mil smooth PET film release liner and can be cleaned with most commercially available graffiti-removing cleaners that do not contain grit. For best results, the company says the films can be laminated to a pressure-sensitive print media and then applied onto flat surfaces. It’s marketed as ideal for short-term outdoor installations and indoor installations of up to five years, and has a two-year shelf life.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Sticker

Denver’s Plastiprint has a new product it says is made of at least 80-percent recycled polyester. Vinyl Free printable media and media with an eco-friendly aspect, Recycle Sticker is marketed as being optically clear with a clear removable adhesive for use in a variety of applications on different surfaces. Designed to ensure good adhesion with UV Curable inks, it’s coated with an ultra clear, high-performance removable acrylic adhesive for UV stability as well as long term removability on a broad range of surfaces. Made for architectural signage, interior design, point of sale advertising, and window displays, it is a 2 mil clear polyester that offers excellent clarity, dimensional stability, and printability. Specifically developed for clear film applications requiring clarity, flow-out properties, and long-term removability, a wet application is recommended for window applications of Recycle Sticker.

Ceramic Films

IRide in Style and Comfort with 3M

Using “advanced nano-ceramic technology,” 3M has introduced its ceramic IR series, developed to provide a “high level of infrared rejection.” The company says the technology provides up to 95-percent infrared rejection and likens it to using 5G devices to stay connected.

The IR series of film falls in line with the rest of 3M’s automotive window films, improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays. The series is available in a neutral color.

Wintech Window Films Hits a Triple

Wintech Window Films has introduced three new products: the Nano Ceramic Film (X900), a paint protection film (APPS) and a mirror film.

The X900 nano ceramic film is marketed as having 90 percent IR rejection on all VLTs, with easy shrinkability and clear visibility, according to the company. The Advanced Paint Protection Solution (APPS) is “self-healing” and has a high gloss finish, while the mirror film has a mirror-like reflectiveness with 3 mil thickness.


Go Out on the Edge with Geek Wraps

Geek Wraps, the originator of the micro-fiber edge squeegee, has now introduced the patent-pending Hydro-Edge Squeegee, created as a new vinyl installation squeegee and released after extensive practical testing with all levels of experienced installers. The product is a mix of both hard and soft components, blended together to form an ecto-skeleton. It has a fluid trap and channel system inside the covered edge, which holds installer preferred liquid lubricant and supplies the micro-fiber edge with a constant supply of liquid during installation. With the angles at which the squeegee is held during installation, gravity keeps applying the liquid outward to the covered edge until it is depleted and needs to be replenished. According to Geek Wraps, this process allows the installer to work much more efficiently, greatly reducing the need for re-application of liquid as it allows for longer runs of installation time with the edge remaining wet, resulting in more
productivity for the installer. The hydrated edge’s main purpose is to wrangle the air from beneath the media without leaving wrinkles or bubbles, while at the same time protecting the surface of the material being installed.

Get Out of a Scrape with OLFA’s New Blade

OLFA’s upcoming SK-15 Disposable Concealed – Blade Safety Knife aims to reduce the likelihood of job-related cuts and laceration injuries. The SK-15 protects workers with an enclosed cutting solution that doesn’t require blade changing: when the blade gets dull, users simply throw away the knife and replace it with a fresh one, the company says.

The tool reduces user fatigue with what OLFA calls an “ultra-sharp” stainless steel blade that requires less pulling force per cut. Dual-sided blades are set in a durable plastic handle that has blunt plastic piercing tips on each blade end to grab materials and initiate cutting while also encasing the blade ends. The handle has an integrated packing tape-splitter nose for quick and easy cutting. A large, oversized tethering loop allows the tool to be hung from a hook or tethered to a lanyard for safety.

Meanwhile, the company’s new GSR-2 Mini Scraper is an upgraded version of the OLFA 25mm Muli-Purpose Scraper and offers the same level of versatility in a different package. The new, mini scraper features replaceable blades and each one comes with six stainless steel GSB-2S/6B blades. A thumb-screw allows for tool-less blade changes and the mini scraper is designed to house the replacement blades in an integrated blade storage channel directly in the handle. The Mini Scraper features a fiber-glass-reinforced handle with wrap-around grip and, like the SK-15, a large lanyard loop at the base, allowing users to tether it for easy access, according to the company.

Paint Protection Film

Takin’ it to the Max

Maxpro Window Films has released the MaxArmor Paint Protection Film, billed as “defense from every element” and is said to be designed to protect against rocks, insects, sand, salt, and other hazards that may damage the paint on a new car.

The company says MaxArmor is “practically invisible” and “offers versatile installation” for challenging curves. Maxpro also says it doesn’t require post-installation maintenance.

Additionally, the paint protection film offers: outstanding clarity; scratch, mar and stain resistance; yellowing resistance; a self-leveling hydrophobic surface; and a 10-Year limited warranty.

Johnson Reintroduces Hybrid, and PPF Line

Johnson Window Films has released a hybrid ceramic window film for commercial and residential installations. The new film, Palisade offers increased heat rejection, a neutral shade and a nano-ceramic additive that increases selective infrared heat rejection while keeping both interior and exterior reflectance low.

Palisade was discontinued three years ago but has been reintroduced with a new formula and look. The new construction of aluminum and dyed charcoal infused with a ceramic additive result in a high-performing film with superior solar properties, the company says.

Palisade comes with a competitive, comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and is now available nationwide in a visible light transmission range of 40-, 45- and 50-percent and in widths ranging from 24- to 60-inches.

Johnson Window Films also has released a paint protection film for automotive installations, Johnson Paint Protection (JPP). It says JPP helps keep a vehicle’s paint looking showroom quality throughout its lifecycle, the paint protection film has a proprietary scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, high-gloss, virtually self-healing top coat on 6 mil transparent aliphatic polyurethane designed for application on painted vehicle surfaces.

JPP comes with a five-year warranty against yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

LLumar Offers New Solar Safety Series Dual-Reflective Films

LLumar, a subsidiary of the Eastman Chemical Company, now offers the benefits of dual-reflective solar and safety films in one product. Introduced in February 2020, the Dual-Reflective Solar/Safety Film has increased thicknesses for improved strength, which helps hold shattered glass together should a break occur and helps slow down entry through glass. Dual reflective solar films are reflective on the exterior and less so on the interior, to help provide clear day and night views as well as a neutral interior appearance, according to the company.

The company’s comprehensive safety film portfolio is one of the added benefits it offers for dealers. The new solar/safety films are marketed as ideal for  commercial and retail buildings, as well as schools and health care facilities, where both energy savings and safety are desired. The thicker safety films meet stringent standards for burglary resistance, blast mitigation, windborne debris, and basic safety glazing, according to the company.

Available in a range of VLTs, the safety films also provide what LLumar calls “extreme” reduction of heat and glare with daytime privacy, shielding more than 99-percent of UV radiation, helping to reduce fading of valuables, fabrics and furnishings. The film comes with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

PPF Software

Avery Dennison Cuts Some PPF Software

The newest product from Avery Dennison ties the company’s paint protection film to its new Paint Protection Film Cutting Software. This combination offers bumper-to-bumper film protection and a software library featuring thousands of pre-cut templates, which the company says helps maximize film and installation performance. The company says the product was developed to help window film dealers deliver an exact fit. In addition to paint protection film, Avery Dennison says its Cutting Software also improves the signage capabilities for applications applied in transportation, architecture, short-term advertising and general signage uses. It also features manually, hand-nested files to save more material than automated nesting; the ability to see the square footage of each kit for easy, quick pricing to a customer; wrapped and unwrapped edge kits; and the ability to set the cut order of the pieces so it doesn’t leave track marks across your material, including a video preview to see how your cutter is going to perform.


Eastman is Strong at the Core

Eastman Performance Films, LLC has unveiled what it calls “a revolution” in automotive film technology: a patent-pending, analytics-based software platform called Core, that supports business operations, integrating desktop and mobile access for user freedom. Core offers a verified pattern process for accuracy and efficiency and also serves as an entry point to a global network of businesses, industry peers, and Eastman personnel all in one place to improve knowledge sharing.

The Core mobile app has a time-saving VIN scan function, which is able to instantly identify and look up patterns for a vehicle’s make, model and year. The app will display a mobile weeding table, view tack points, take installation photos, and send order details to the desktop for cutting. Desktop displays will include Core’s approach to cutboards and saved edits, and schedules to improve workflow, among other functions. Core is compatible with Eastman automotive film brands LLumar and SunTek for the initial North America launch. Dealers currently using PrecisionCut and TruCut systems can expect support to transition to the expanded features and mobile device connectivity offered by Core, according to the company.

Core 1.0 launch is planned for Spring of 2020 in North America, with intended expansion to other geographies, V-KOOL and other Eastman brands in the future.

Graffiti Films

The Many Layers of Graffiti Shield

Anaheim, Calif.’s Graffiti Shield, Inc. continues to market its films to help combat the rise in graffiti vandalism, including films that mimic the appearance of mirrors, stainless steel, brushed gold, glass, and custom laminates. The company says it offers multi-layer clear films and enhances the quality of the custom cut program offered to their clients and independent dealers. Sales of Glass Shield Multi-Layer, a multiple layer protective film product with a patent pending peel point system, increased last year, in part because the company says its completely customizable, with options of ordering the product with two, three or four layers.

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