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August 6th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Are You Ready?

Every year thousands of exhibitors in the automotive specialty equipment market bring their best of the best for the biggest show of the year, the SEMA Show. This year it is to be held November 5-8 in Las Vegas. No matter what you’re looking for that’s car related, we’re sure SEMA has it and more, that also includes window film and paint protection film. So here’s a short list of some of the latest products you should expect to see in Vegas.

Avery Dennison – Booth #12659

Three Things to Look Out For

Avery Dennison will feature three products, its SPF-XI Supreme Protection Film is a self-healing paint protection film (PPF). It offers humidity, corrosion and acidic resistance.

The Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio will feature more than 120 colors and textures.

Finally it will feature its automotive film, the HP Pro Series High-Performance Hybrid Film. The company stated its focus on car restyling includes Supreme Wrapping Film vehicle wraps, digital media for custom printed wraps and films for decals to help complete a custom look.

Eastman – Booth #12117

3D Scanning Technology Demonstration

Eastman Performance Films, LLC announced an investment in 3D scanning technology for PPF patterns. Without ever having to touch the surface of a vehicle, this innovative 3D scanning technology employs lasers to capture the shape of any vehicle as flexible data that is quickly converted into a 2D template, according to the company. The company will be featuring this scanning technology at its booth.

This latest advancement is a continuation of Eastman’s commitment to developing world-class PPF offerings for its customers, through the support of the LLumar, SunTek and V-Kool brands.

The Eastman booth, in the North Hall, will demonstrate its 3D scanning technology.

Madico – Booth #12451

Protekt PPF, Black Pearl and ClearPlex On Display

Madico will highlight three of its products starting with its PPF. Protekt is a PPF designed for exterior application on automotive paint surfaces. According to the company, it’s optically clear and is self-healing with a topcoat that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, stones and discoloration.

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic automotive film will also be featured. The company states the film uses advanced nano-ceramic technology to provide up to 87% infrared heat rejection, reducing glare, and keeping vehicle interiors cooler. It’s available in a range of shades. Black Pearl NC is a 1.5 mil grade film product and comes with a lifetime warranty.

ClearPlex windshield protection film will also be highlighted. It’s the world’s first optically clear windshield protection film, according to Madico. It’s applied to a vehicle’s exterior, and can absorb the impact of standard road hazards—significantly reducing the occurrence of rocks chips. Additional benefits of the film include the ability to block 99%+ of UV rays and faster run-offs of rain and snow, according to the company.

Saint-Gobain – Booth #s 12673 & 12618

Ceramic & PPF Showcased at Solar Gard

With the combined power of timeless raw materials and nanotechnology, the new VortexIR Ceramic Film Series absorbs energy from the sun instead of reflecting light and radio waves like other films on the market, according to the company. A deep black, created by ceramic nanoparticles, this premium film offering offers drivers a cooler interior, more cell phone bars, and a long-lasting look.

Clearshield Pro HYDRO is the company’s latest paint protection innovation. Vehicle owners can enjoy more time riding in a freshly waxed-looking car and less time washing it, according to the company.

Sharpline – Booth #12631

Unveiling Two New Products

Sharpline Converting Inc. is debuting its new series of professional automotive products. The company added SharpShield liquid protection for glass and SharpShield ceramic spray-on sealant.

According to the company, its liquid glass protection provides:
• Increased strength for windshields, which protects against chipping and scratches;
• Reduces glare during nighttime driving;
• Repels rain, snow, dirt and ice; and
• Long-lasting durability.

Meanwhile the company’s ceramic spray-on sealant is easy to use with low labor costs, is able to effectively seal painted surfaces and is also long-lasting, according to the company.

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