Breaking Barriers: “Window Tinting Queen” Liz Lasa Launches Children’s Book

August 18th, 2021 by Chris Collier

Liz Lasa, of Artistic Window Tinting in Yuba City, Calif., who is also known as “Window Tinting Queen” has written a children’s book called “The Tinting Queen.” It was released in July and Liz says it promotes inclusivity in the male-dominated space that she works in daily.

Liz Lasa displaying her newly-published book. (Photo courtesy of Liz Lasa)

“It’s a book to get awareness out to kids about our profession,” Lasa says. “For little girls, it shows them that it’s not only males who can be plumbers. It’s not only boys who can be construction workers.”

The story features Lasa learning how to tint her car’s windows in an effort to shield her children from the sun. It’s a thoughtful tale of perseverance and determination that she’s thrilled to be able to place on her own children’s bookshelf.

“When I got the book in my hand, I almost cried,” Lasa says. “I’ve been collecting books for my three kids for quite a while, [and] they have hundreds of books. To have one of mine, it’s always been a dream of mine. To see your dream actually coming true, I can’t even describe it. I was overwhelmed with emotions.”

Lasa received over 2,000 likes, comments and shares on her initial Facebook post about the book’s launch. The book brought Adam Escoe, owner and founder of Nicetints in Valdosta, Ga., a memorable story time with his daughter.

Adam Escoe and his daughter dove into the book together. (Photo courtesy of Adam Escoe)

“She gave it to us, and we sat there and read it that night,” Escoe says. “It’s just inspirational. You can go anywhere you want and be anybody you want to be, and I think that’s a fantastic message.”

Billy Aiton, owner of Pro-Tech Window Tinting in Scottsdale, Ariz., read the book to his two daughters and granddaughter. He plans to donate copies to the Scottsdale Public Library.

“I think that the idea for the kids is that mom isn’t just a mom,” Aiton says. “She can also be something else. Dads always come home, and they’re always the ones that seem to be at work. But those are old-fashioned storylines.”

Lasa published her dream, but she isn’t finished. Her second published book, which released shortly after her first, shares an encouraging message for kids during COVID-19.

“’Bummer Summer’ is a book about not having to go to Disneyland or on lavish vacations to have fun during the summer,” she says. “Family time is something that could be fun. Taking your dog for a walk could be fun and going to the park is something fun. So [it’s] teaching kids that you could have fun, and you don’t have to take lavish vacations to have fun. Fun is here in your backyard.”

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