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August 4th, 2021 by Bryan

Putting Eyes Back On Your Business

By Emmariah Holcomb

What takes your shop to the next level? What do successful window film businesses do to make their company stand out? Is it highlighting employees, its top film or custom wraps and designs … or could it be something that catches everyone’s eye—like using social media on social events? WINDOW FILM magazine’s assistant editor, Emmariah Holcomb, picked Patric Fransko, a film marketer, to find out the best ways to use social sites for digital marketing. Fransko is the founder and president of Eye Magnet Management a digital marketing firm in California and Ohio.

WF Your clients range from large international corporations to small family-owned businesses … what’s the most common piece of advice you’d say you give?

Fransko: I would say the overarching theme is that digital marketing is here to stay. I’m talking about lumping social media, Google and optimization info into a big basket. A lot of larger companies mostly use traditional marketing, but I think everyone who owns a business needs digital marketing too. You need to get involved in at least the main areas to grow.

WF What would you say are common misconceptions about social media’s role for businesses?

Fransko: A lot of people have dabbled in it [social media] and they claim social media didn’t work; typically what that means is that they didn’t use it to its full potential. Did they use it properly? That’s not meant to be disrespectful, but many people aren’t aware. My company lives and breathes this every day, we understand the need for business owners trying to do everything themselves who just need a little help. Often times their businesses are moving too fast for owners to do their own digital marketing.

WF How valuable is it for your clients to know their target audience in a marketing sense?

Fransko: 50-60 percent of our clients are in the window film industry. I’ve spent about 20 years in the industry. I started selling for Eastman then moved into digital marketing. Later, I worked for 3M on the West Coast, then I launched my business.

If the client is a window film company I can work with my team and we would need less info from the client. For clients in industries I’m not as familiar with, I’d spend more time in the initial interview gathering information on where and to whom they mostly sell to.

An example of this would be massages, [most of their ads] target women. In window film we can pretty much jump right in because they also understand my background.

WF Why do you enjoy being a part of the window film business?

Fransko: My generation was the first to be college educated in my family. My grandparents came here from Italy—there’s a lot of blue collar workers.

I’ve always been interested in the industry. I saw the potential and opportunities in the industry. I’ve known hundreds of tinters who start out in their early 20’s who make over 100k and support their families without a college education. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t get into this—like why aren’t more people getting into it. Most people think it’s great when they graduate, but they have anywhere between 40-100k in debt. When you can train and build your own business and make more, this opportunity doesn’t exist in other areas/fields. That’s kept me intrigued.

WF How has digital marketing has changed over the years?

Fransko: As we looked back seven years, it used to be people reached their audience through the yellow pages, emailing and door hangers. Eye Magnet Management literally means we find out where people’s eyes are and draw them in so, yes, our name is a play on words. It’s much easier to go where the people are looking and put your brand in front of them.

Many think, and I would agree, that people are looking to digital means for their products. The minute people watch TV and a commercial comes on people either fast forward through them or turn to their cell phones and iPads. The exception of course is the Super Bowl. Many companies spend money on commercials that most people don’t see. I push social media because that’s where people’s eyes are.

WF How does it feel when you’re able to help companies achieve success?

Fransko: It’s why I do what I do. One of the reasons I started my business and focus on medium and smaller businesses was for the larger impact.

If I work with a larger business they’re going to be happy but it’s not a game changer. If it’s a million dollar company having us increase their profits by 250k it’s not that drastic for them.

But with smaller window film businesses with few employees, it impacts them more and when I get to see them grow … I just love that feeling. I’m the first to admit I’m bad at a lot of things but God made me good at this and I can help others. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I’m giving 100 percent of my talents to my clients for them to say “with my companies help they had their best year ever.”

WF Do you have a favorite story of a customer who excelled with your help?

Fransko: There are numerous, but one that sticks out … was when a young man got married and moved to Tennessee. Shortly after he started his own business and became a client, we met at the 2017 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT) in Florida. He refused to let me pay for dinner when we went out to eat, this is because when he started out he didn’t have much, and now he was in a better financial position. As I’ve worked with him over the years I’ve been able to see him and his business grow, and it makes me feel so happy to know that I also played a small role in his success.

A lot of our clients are long standing with us and I feel like we’re on the chopping block every month, but they tell us we’re doing a good job by staying with us.

This April will be our fourth anniversary for the business. We started in California and now have a location in Ohio. I wanted to have better service for our customers on the East Coast … I grew up in Ohio and I wanted to be able to help my parents as they get older. To this day I still have no idea why I started the company on April Fool’s day.

We’re very non “salesy” with our approach, most of our new clients come to us because they know current clients. I want my business to grow organically.

Emmariah Holcomb is the assistant editor of WINDOW FILM magazine. You can reach her at

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