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August 4th, 2021 by Bryan


Company Picks Titan XT a s Best Choice

DuraShield’s Titan XT is still a focal point for the paint protection film company. What helps make this product interesting is its multilayers. The Titan XT is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyurethane blend. Its top coat provides a thin layer of protection. While its flex coat, or second layer, protects against stains and has self-healing properties.

The third layer is where the product’s strength lies.

This film is designed and engineered to protect vehicles from scratches, rock chips, bug acids and more. According to the company, this film has gone under stain removal and ultraviolet weathering testing and has proven itself to be a clear and durable film option for consumers.


Focusing On Safety

When developing a safety plan, it’s important to consider all points of entry that could leave a home, business or school at risk. The most obvious safety measure is to secure and lock all doors, but a building’s weakest access point of entry is glass windows. Even with the highest quality lock or alarm system, a building’s windows can be easily broken.

When additional security is needed, 3M™ Safety and Security window film can help mitigate hazards from shattered glass. According to the company, the two-part system includes the window film and an attachment system that secures the glass panel upon impact.

If the glass is broken, the window film and attachment system are expected to hold the glass in place.

Wintech Window Film Technology Expanding Its Series

Wintech’s Xenium carbon film series was well received by customers because of its ability to keep a vehicle’s interior cool. The window film company has since added the X900 series to its carbon film line up.

The X900 series offers a high IR rejection rate at 90 percent on all VLT’s. Wintech is confident that this product’s nano-compounds ability to reject high amounts of heat without fading make it color stable and functional.

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