New Products September/October 2018

August 2nd, 2021 by Bryan

Avery Dennison – Booth #605

Introducing Vela Window Technology

This year Avery Dennison will introduce Vela window technology. The Dynamic Display System enables interior windows to be transformed into privacy screens, erasable whiteboards or interactive displays. It works by placing a thin, transparent film over glass panes, according to the company. The Technology can be used for home, office, educational, hospitality, healthcare or retail environments.

The film is designed with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side for a wet application and a scratch-resistant coating on the other. In the absence of an electrical current, the liquid crystal particles disperse randomly, which results in an opaque appearance. Activating the film introduces electricity to it, which causes the liquid crystal particles to adjust in a manner that permits light to cross the film and results in a transparent state.

Madico Inc. – Booth #519

Black Pearl® Automotive Film

Madico Inc. will show off its latest addition to its line of automotive films, Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic. The new film uses nano-ceramic technology to provide up to 87 percent infrared heat rejection, increasing comfort, reducing glare, and keeping vehicle interiors cooler.

It has high conformability for easier installations. The film is available in different shades and holds broken glass together, while protecting interior surfaces from excessive UV exposure.

Lerma Film Crew – Booth #534

Installations and Project Management

Lerma Film Crew will tell attendees about its services including project management and strategy-driven installation. Its project management team includes veteran managers that help complete more complex installations, as well as work to improve the company’s overall efficiency. The company says its strategy-driven installation process has been effective since the early ’90s and helps to promote Lerma’s quality.

PremiumShield—Booth #554

PremiumShield Elite SH

PremiumShield Elite SH will be on display and this is an installer-friendly self-healing film featuring superb chemical and stain resistance, according to the company. It is extremely flat, glossy and optically clear with a lifetime warranty.

Source One Digital – Booth #401

Two New Custom Window Film Finishes

Source One Digital, the creator and manufacturer of the CreativeFX line of custom printed window films, added two new finishes, TransparentFX and PrivacyFX. TransparentFX turns colors, shades, and fades from soft focus to a clearer, see-through like appearance. While PrivacyFX are custom designed gradients, shades, or fades that provide various textures, dusted, or frosted appearances that can be used to control light and privacy.

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