New Products September/October 2020

August 12th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Security Spotlight

Antimicrobial Protection Film

Madico Inc. introduced a new antimicrobial surface protection film called Neutralux. The film can be applied to surfaces to prevent the growth of microbes, which can cause odors and stains.

According to the company, its new film uses silver ion technology and proprietary coatings to make it antimicrobial and scratch resistant. Its top coat kills microbial contaminants and resists microbe growth on the film’s surface. The top coat is EPA registered and FDA listed.

Neutralux can be applied to surfaces that include glass, wood, stainless steel or aluminum. Madico also notes that Neutralux antimicrobial film is effective against a broad range of micro-organisms and bacteria, preventing stains from mold, algae and chemicals. The film can be replaced as needed based on the degree of wear and traffic.


FDC Graphic Films Now Offers Etched Glass Film

FDC Graphic Films Inc. has launched a new, etched glass vinyl film, Lumina® 3522, designed to simulate an etched glass or sandblasted look. The 3522 series is made for interior and exterior applications on windows, partitions and displays. It carries seven-year outdoor durability when unprinted.

The new film is part of FDC’s recovery support program launched in early June to help customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security Spotlight

C-Bond’s Glass to Film Systems

C-Bond, a nanotechnology company that provides liquid nanotechnology solutions for security and safety with glass, offers C-Bond BRS (Ballistic Resistant System), a safety and security glass to film application validated and tested to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to Level II ballistic standard.

The C-Bond technology was developed out of Rice University’s material science and engineering department, according to Rhedonda Cox, C-Bond Systems safety solutions vice president. The technology is a patented non-toxic nano liquid that film installers can use to replace traditional soap and water for all film applications, called C-Bond Secure. It is sprayed directly onto glass, repairing the natural surface defects and increasing the glass structural strength and flexibility that helps prevent damage from every day wear and tear, while also improving any film application’s performance, according to Cox.

C-Bond BRS is a technology system comprised of a specific glass type and thickness, C-Bond to strengthen glass, and a proprietary film product that creates a ballistic-resistant barrier of protection. It is classified by the company as a bullet stopping system because all three parts – the glass, C-Bond Secure, and the film work together.

“Film by itself will never be as effective at stopping a bullet as our system, which uses our liquid nanotechnology strengthening solution,” says Cox. “Another feature of the C-Bond BRS system is its unique one-way ballistic capability. One-way ballistic allows law enforcement on the inside (film side), to stop an active shooter on the outside.”

“Besides stopping bullets, a nice feature of the BRS application [is that] glass remains looking like glass,” says Cox.

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