News Pulse July/August 2019

August 5th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

What were’s top stories since our last issue? Here are the hottest topics in the industry:

1 New Legislation In Washington and the Big Apple

Two forms of legislation which might impact window film businesses have surfaced in Washington and New York. Both legislatures will consider making changes to current industry laws during this years’ sessions.

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2 Washington Bill Becomes Law

Washington’s governor signed a proposed bill into law that will impact window film businesses in the state. The legislation relates to installing safety glazing or film sunscreening materials. The bill, also referred to as S 5881, will implement fines for those who perform the installations for commercial gain.

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3 Solar Gard Finds Success in Latest Marketing Tactic

Solar Gard launched a marketing campaign, to not only highlight its new line of window film, vortexIR, but to also introduce Dagin, its vampire. One of the goals of the campaign was to highlight the industry in a new way by using a relatable character. The response thus far has well exceeded the company’s expectations, according to several representatives.

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4 NYC Green Deal Could Lead to More Window Film in the State

One window film expert is speaking out on the Green New Deal proposed for New York City. Its mayor, Bill de Blasio, introduced it in April, and it aims to reduce an additional 30% of carbon emissions by 2030. To ensure this happens de Blasio stated there would be additional legislation added that would ban what he calls “inefficient all-glass buildings that waste energy.” Which means the city’s future buildings might need to rethink what materials will be used.

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5 XPEL Named Porsche Club Partner

XPEL announced its new partnership with The Porsche Club of America (PCA) Club Racing as the official ceramic coating and window tint for 2019.

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