News Pulse July/August 2020

August 11th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

What were’s most popular news stories since our last issue? These were the headlines, many of them related to COVID-19, which grabbed the industry’s attention.

1 Owners Grapple with Employees Who Don’t Want to Come Back

A recent report in Forbes magazine discussed a situation that a number of business owners have found themselves in, and window film company owners are no exception.

Visit and search “Unemployment PPP,” for more information.

2 Window Film Businesses Report Bookings

Good news for the window film industry. All across the country multiple shops report increased bookings and some say they never really slowed down at all.

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3 OSHA Adopts Revised COVID-19 Enforcement Policies

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted revised policies for enforcing its COVID-19 requirements. OSHA is increasing in-person inspections at all workplaces. The new enforcement guidance reflects changing circumstances in which many non-critical businesses have begun to reopen in areas of lower community spread.

Visit and search “Enforcement policy,” for more information.

4 Spending Facebook and Instagram Ad Dollars

Long-time industry blogger Patric Fransko made the listing for this issue and gave his insights on social media advertisement dollars. “I have wanted to write this article for some time, as this has become one of the most common mistakes I see when my agency begins working with a new client. As a part of the initial consultation, we might ask if they have been doing paid advertising for Facebook or Instagram. Often, the answer is something like ‘yes, but we  just didn’t seem to be getting the response we wanted, so we stopped.’

Visit and search “Ad dollars,” for more information.

5 Medical Professionals Suggest Car Window Film Tint for UV Protection

With a growing body of medical professionals recommending window film tint to protect automotive vehicle occupants from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the International Window Film Association has produced a guideline for inspecting professionally installed automotive window film tint.

Visit and search “UV protection,” for more information.

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