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August 2nd, 2021 by Bryan

Manny’s Annual Buyers Guide

By Manny Hondroulis

Since this issue features the industry’s Annual Buyers Guide, I thought it best to devote my column to discussing some cool technology that can help your business.

Spike by ikeGPS

You can ditch the tape measure and breeze through your estimates by measuring the width and height of a window from your smartphone or tablet. Simply take a picture of the window(s) to be measured and let Spike do the rest. Spike even calculates the square footage of glass area, reducing the time from estimate to proposal. Learn more by visiting


If you find most aspects of Human Resources (HR) overwhelming, such as the paperwork necessary to manage payroll, check out Gusto ( Gusto makes HR, payroll and benefits a breeze, bringing all into one comprehensive online solution. Friendly reminders and an easy user interface facilitate the process. Gusto starts out at $6 a month per employee, and you can even try one month for free.


If you find yourself needing free-lance support for your business, can help. From logo creation to data entry, from legal advice to quantitative analysis, Upwork can assist you in locating professionals who have the skill set you need at any particular time. Simply choose the skill you need and be presented with a long list of professionals who qualify. For example, a list of people who can help you write website content.

All-In-One Printer

All-in-one printers are great space-saving solutions as they combine printing, faxing and scanning into one device. Most connect to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to print from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the same network.

If you like fancy inkjet printing, consider the Epson Expression Premium XP-830, a Consumer Reports “Best Buy.” Or if you’re a fan of laser printing, check out the Dell S825cdn, which is recommended by the same magazine.


Do you want to go back to school and learn about a new subject but just don’t have the time to do so? Then Lynda is for you. is a repository of modules and videos designed to train you on a specified topic of your choice. Want to learn how to better manage your time during the workday to be more efficient? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to master Microsoft PowerPoint to help you make more effective presentations? Just take one of the many courses offered by professionals through Lynda on the subject. The monthly membership fees vary but are quite reasonable when you consider the amount of knowledge that you can gain.

I hope that the information above helps you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Manny Hondroulis is the vice president of Energy Distribution Products in Baltimore.

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