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August 3rd, 2021 by Bryan

PPF: How Far We Have Come

By Jamie Werner

I have never felt so excited for the PPF industry as I did at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off this year. Not only was attendance for the first couple days much higher than in past years, but I was seeing PPF industry specific installers and business owners. To me, this is an example on how far this conference has come with expanding into different but important markets. It also proves how significant the PPF industry is in today’s automotive aftermarket world. The top ten competitor slots were filled with a majority of PPF specialists. This proves that the competition is bringing in top talent around the world.

Rolling with the Challenges

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room for improvement, but being one of the first judges for the PPF competition, it has come a long way from its first year being introduced alongside the window film competitions. Yes the cars were horrible this year so I have to give credit to all the competitors for doing the best they can given the surface that was presented to them. We do have plans in the works for next year so that we don’t have to worry about the quality of the paint nor the color. Competition coordinator Tricia Lopez has worked really hard to help us be as significant of a competition as we are and she works really hard to help get us what we need so that the competitors are treated fairly. Next time you see her, know that she puts a ton of effort into all the competitions and wants everyone to have a good experience in the process.

Congrats are in Order

Let me offer a huge congratulations to Tyler O’Hara for winning first place for the second time in the PPF competition. He is grouped in a fabulous class of top ten installers who have stepped up to the plate when challenged with new rules and new expectations every year. As the industry continues to grow and flourish, we hope to continue to see new installers attend, compete, and add to the conversation in the PPF world. This ever growing and unique industry has so much more to offer that it keeps me excited every year it comes around. I only hope that this conference and competition becomes the platform for the PPF industry where we test the boundaries, set expectations, and create long needed industry standards. I’m excited to see all of you next year.

Happy fourth quarter to everyone. I hope you all finish off the year with a big push of success. As always, exceed expectations every day.

Jamie Werner is the national sales manager and head trainer for PremiumShield.

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