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August 5th, 2021 by Bryan

Window film companies are always on the hunt for additional products to add to the bottom line— and any one of these windshield protection products could do so. Here is a sampling.

ClearPlex by Madico

ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film by Madico is a patented product that absorbs the impact of standard road hazards which the company says significantly reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s-eyes, leaving the glass in pristine condition. The company also describes it as the world’s first optically-clear protection film for vehicle windshields.

While Madico has many window film dealers who are selling ClearPlex successfully, the company adds that those that install PPF and ceramic coatings are best suited for this product. Shops that install PPF and ceramic coatings already have customers that are coming to their shop with a penchant toward protecting their vehicle and shops that install PPF and ceramic coatings usually have customers walking out with a high ticket.

The company says this makes it easier to up-sell ClearPlex and that a ClearPlex installation has price points comparable to a full car window tint job with high-end film. Madico guarantees the product not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow for the warrantied life of the film. Ideal for luxury and classic cars, fleets, recreational vehicles and construction equipment.

Its patented hard coat is scratch-resistant and provides qualities similar to glass, including protection against normal scratches and abrasions. The film also protects a vehicle’s interior and its occupants against 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Bray Windshield Protection

Bray Windshield Skin® was designed to eliminate windshield damage and costs of replacement. In fact, in 2006 when bus manufacturer Gillig was experiencing a 38% claim rate on all delivery of buses, Bray designed a windshield protection program for them, and the company says claims dropped to .08%.

The company offers a variety of materials to choose from and options include 1, 2, 3 and 4 layers of protection. The customer simply removes the material when the product’s life has expired. Depending upon environmental conditions this could range from 6 to 12 months per layer.

The product is sold through a variety of window film and auto glass avenues, and the company works with OEMS on some of its products as well.

ExoShield by Alchemy Nano

Representatives for ExoShield say its product is a thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield, just like automotive tint. Officials say it is six times more resistant to stone chips than standard automotive glass, which means it can prevent chips from most stones hitting a vehicle’s windshield as fast as 140 km/hr. The product is built with advanced nanotechnology embedded in a multi-layer, distinctly transparent film.

The company’s products are sold primarily by window film dealers who offer it to customers, and the company works with car dealerships as well. Additionally, some dealers who sell it offers glass replacement services as well.

“We are actually quite keen on working with glass replacement shops because this would be a perfect solution to offer a customer who has just felt the pain of replacing and expensive ADAS-sensor equipped windshield,” says Khanjan Desai, CEO and co-founder.

NewVision Windshield Protection

NewVision is a multi-layer optically clear tear-off used for the protection of windshields, and the company says the product reduces damage from flying debris, abrasion and road grime. The product is fast to install and user friendly to mold and install on any car’s windshield. And removal is fast, easy, and clean. The company says this means dealers who offer this product can make more profit, save time on installation, and turn more tickets into sales.

The company has partnered with Dinan Cars to use the product as an add on when upgrading performances of BMW’s.

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