Second Annual Window Film Magazine New Product Guide

August 17th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

WINDOW FILM magazine’s inaugural New Product Guide was a rousing success in 2020 thanks to diverse submissions from every segment of the industry. This year’s Guide is no different. From security glazing to decorative film to energy-efficient film to adhesives to software, 2021’s list has something for every kind of film star. If you know of a product that should be included, please email Tara Taffera at


Ashland’s Aroset 2100 Adhesive

Ashland offers its Aroset 2100 adhesive for paint protection and window films. High performance thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU) are a growing market segment driven by the increase in application market areas (wind turbines, high speed trains) and available supply of TPU films globally.

This self-cross-linking acrylic adhesive separates itself due to its unique cohesive strength and elevated shear strength. The balance of properties is vital for optical clarity and resistance to cold flow. According to the company, the product’s high cohesive strength translates into excellent chemical resistance and elevated high temperature performance. These are important characteristics for paint protective film and window film as both applications can see harsh chemical environments and temperatures.

ATR Solution’s Adhesive in Action

ATR Adhesive Solution is an adhesive remover that dissolves adhesives on contact. The product is designed to assist with the removal of window film adhesive. ATR Solution is effective on normal window film adhesive as well as more difficult applications, according to the company. The solution contains no alcohol, ammonia or harsh abrasives but still cuts through the adhesive and thereby reduces the removal time.


3M Offers New Training

3M now offers training courses for its 3M™ Automotive Window Film, 3M™ Paint Protection Film and 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080. The 3M Installer Training courses will help participants—both beginners and established professionals—rise above the competition, master their craft and boost their business, according to the company.

Decorative Film

Eco-Friendly Film Energizes Environment

CreativeFX™ and Source One Digital announced the addition of Eco-Friendly window film to their decorative window film portfolio. Eco-Friendly film is a new polyester, optically clear and environmentally-friendly window film.

Both companies promote Eco-Friendly window film as providing optical transparency and removability as well as offering several benefits that support green architecture design principles. According to the companies, these include a contribution to LEED priorities, a reduction of plastic waste and a reduction of energy resources.

Energy-Efficient Films

Avery Dennison Adjusts the Temperature

Avery Dennison Spectrally Selective Interior Window Films provide optimal levels of solar heat rejection with a clear view of the outside, according to the company. The SP e-Lite 70i 8 mil window film delivers a neutral color film that features low visible reflection inside and out. SP e-Lite films are available in a range of VLTs and are compatible with all glass glazing window systems.

The Reflective Interior Window Films have heat rejection properties and assist in maintaining cool and comfortable interiors. The R Silver 20i 12 mil window film is available in two VLTs. According to the company, R Silver 20i 12 mil window film offers a no-view feature for buildings requiring additional security.


Eastman Launches Improved PPF with Supporting Software

Eastman Performance Films has launched a PPF line that combines advanced self-healing paint protection film with desired attributes of ceramic coating. The 2-in-1 products from SunTek® (Reaction) and LLumar® (Valor) feature a super hydrophobic top coat for easy-clean efficiency, up to 25% increase in environmental resistance (compared to other top brands), a high gloss finish and a 12-year limited warranty.

Eastman has also introduced SunTek Altered Black and LLumar Select Black PPF which offer custom restyling options similar to black vinyl with added benefits like impact-resistance and self-healing properties. The company also launched Core cutting software to accompany its products. The software makes PPF and window tint installs easier, more efficient and more precise, according to the company.

Johnson’s JPP Joins PPF Lineup

Johnson Window Films introduced its 6 mil Johnson Paint Protection Film. The product is designed to maintain a vehicle’s appearance and protect it from the harsh elements of daily driving with a scratch-resistant, clear high-gloss top coat. According to the company, customers will appreciate extra protection with the addition of its advanced hydrophobic properties for stain-resistance.

AutoBahn Goes Incognito

AutoBahn has announced its newest product— Incognito Paint Protection Film. A clear 6 mil urethane film, this product provides protection against rock chips, road debris, unsightly stains, UV, tar, oil, salt, rocks and birds. According to the company, the film is also nearly invisible when applied and can be safely removed at any time.


Roland Stretches Color Spectrum

Roland has two new products on tap. The Roland DG TrueVIS VF2-640 large-format printer widens your color gamut with Roland DG’s richest and most vivid TrueVIS color output yet, according to the company. Wielding TR2 Inks, it features new Green and Orange ink choices that enable users to target previously unreachable or difficult-to-match colors. The TrueVIS VG2 large-format printer/cutter offers comprehensive color choices, improved machine efficiency, and increased print and cut accuracy for unattended production.

Security Glazing

DefenseLite Offers Next-gen Security

DefenseLite now offers DefenseLite Pro, the next generation of the company’s retrofit polycarbonate security glazing system. The product is a UV-stabilized, transparent security shield featuring outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, high temperature resistance and visual clarity. According to the company, it can be customized for any opening.

Riot Glass’s Retrofit Security Glazing Systems

Riot Glass, Inc. manufactures retrofit security glazing systems that are designed to protect against multiple attackers with heavy tools over an extended period of time. According to the company, its national network of trained installers can mobilize throughout all 50 U.S. states.

Global Details Dual-Reflective Film

Global Window Films says dual-reflective window films are gaining popularity. Its Global Ceramic Dual Reflective (CDR) series, which blocks 99% of harmful and damaging UV, while also delivering ideal solar rejection performance. The films feature optimal performance for commercial and residential applications and are engineered to reduce interior reflectivity for
unaltered nighttime views. According to the company, all five shade options are dual-pane compatible and come with a protective, scratch-resistant coating.


TintPro Aims to Streamline Through Software

TintPro offers a management and POS application that features live workflow tracking and CRM. The software allows users to communicate with customers via text and email. It also features online booking, appointment reminders and digital vehicle inspections.

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