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August 12th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Stormy Weather

By Jim Black

As window film business owners and installers it’s our job to be experts for our customers. If your business doesn’t currently offer safety and security film, or if you’re trying to increase your sales in this area, then consider the following tips.

Weather Disasters

Natural weather disasters can cause panic and unrest and may prepare building owners for the worst while trying to protect their assets and building exteriors. As an installer you can offer safety and security window films as an effective solution.

Levels of Protection

Yes all window films offer protection – whether it’s from protecting against harmful UV rays, to helping reduce energy-related costs. However, window film dealers are missing an opportunity if they aren’t offering safety and security films. These thicker, stronger films keep windows intact if breakage occurs during sporadic, severe weather.

1. Security films are highly effective at protecting buildings and offer immense value to the buyer under normal circumstances, but especially during extreme ones.

2. Business owners favor them because they offer 24/7 passive protection from theft and vandalism.

Lasting Benefits

Security films are thicker than standard solar control films, protect windows from small scratches and dings, and can also hold up to strong direct hits from rocks and debris. While it’s not invincible, the added layer of protection can withstand a lot more than an unprotected window. If strong winds or other weather succeeds in shattering the window, the film will help hold the shards together.

Note: Anchoring restraint systems that strengthen the entire window unit, are also used in conjunction with safety film to meet specific, high threat concerns.

Flying debris can be just as deadly as shards of glass during a storm. It’s important to inform your customers that when they invest in securing their windows they’re also protecting everything inside of it.

Financial Breakdown

From an economic perspective, applying safety and security films is significantly less expensive when compared to replacing a broken window or frame. Replacing a window costs about $650, according to Home Advisor, but can also cost as much as $1,800 for a single window. However, installing safety and security window film takes less time and is more affordable. Adding safety and security film to your current offerings can be a great way to increase revenue.

In a severe storm strong winds and flying debris can cause windows to break and shatter. Most people worry about buildings collapsing during natural disasters, but glass shards can be just as deadly. One Texas hospital was able to improve the safety of its patients and employees with safety and security films.

You should encourage your customers to have these films installed to better protect their property and assets.

Jim Black is the director of window film sales at Madico, Inc. he can be reached at

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