September/October 2018

August 2nd, 2021 by Bryan

Sept/Oct 2018


15 to Emulate: Top Window Film Dealers

WINDOW FILM’S annual list of the top dealers expanded from 10 to 15 this year, pointing to a healthy market and growth for all those on our list. Find out which company moved from number 7 to number 4 and the newcomer to the list that cracked the top 10.

Up Your Game at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™

If you are headed to the International Window Film Conference and Tint Off September 27-29, WINDOW FILM magazine has compiled the highlights to help you plan your trip. From the exhibitors not to miss, to the top notch seminars and the competition schedules, this article has you covered.

Say it with Color

If you are in the decorative window film market, you know the market is growing. If you are not give it some serious consideration as there is an increase in demand. This is especially true now with all the color options available.

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