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August 13th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Black PPF: It’s a Thing

By Jacob Motley

Black paint protection film is officially a trend, with several major players in PPF launching specialized products recently. This unique product multiplies your chances to make bigger sales —plus it delivers fresh inspiration for creative customizations.

Why Is Black Back?

I’ll dive into the ways black PPF can boost sales and creativity soon. But, first, let’s answer a key question: Why does black PPF exist, when there is already black vinyl? It’s true that black PPF, like black vinyl, is an alternative to repainting. Both are able to transform any color of auto paint to black, with less time and less stress on the wallet. But black PPF is a serious upgrade. Think of it as a thicker, high-performance or luxury alternative to vinyl that offers benefits way beyond a color change.

Not all black PPF products are created equal, of course. Compared to vinyl, they generally offer more advanced self-healing protection, a higher end appearance, and are backed by a better warranty. By better, I mean the warranty tends to be good for more time, and won’t change depending on whether installation is done on a horizontal or vertical surface. These advantages make black PPF a no-brainer product offering for many shops.

There’s also one more, easily noticeable difference when you compare a top quality PPF to ordinary vinyl–lack of surface distortion. The PPF has a slick, glossy surface that’s practically identical
to OEM paint—and much more desirable than the typical orange peel look you can get with vinyl.

It’s true black PPF does cost more, but it also delivers exactly what certain customers want —a higher level of protection and countless custom restyling options, with a single installation. Black PPF has what you want too, bringing with it bigger ticket sales and new selling opportunities. To start those wheels in your head turning with ideas about that, I’ll mention a few smart strategies.

Upsell on Upgrades

Upgrading from black vinyl to black PPF makes solid sense, of course. Although black PPF comes in only one color, this color plays well with all the others. This makes it an ideal product for customers who like the bicolor trend we’re seeing a lot lately from OEMs, but want their own version. Black PPF is also an easy addition to window tint, since it can enhance a dark, dramatic look.

Black PPF can be installed as a full wrap, to a roof or a selection of full panels, or to small parts like mirrors. For this reason, it can be part of any conversation you’re having with a customer about PPF or vinyl. With this one fact in mind, it isn’t hard to imagine more profit and style possibilities with black PPF.

This is a product that’s worth exploring. Be on the lookout for a brand that’s manufactured, marketed and sold by the same company, as you’ll get better tools and support this way. And once you pick up a roll or two and start playing around, be sure to post your work on social media. It’s where customization hounds are hunting for ideas and installers just like you—and where the fun and profits begin.

Jacob Motley is PPF channel marketing manager for Eastman.

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