The Bottom Line July/August 2021

August 17th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

You Haven’t Scratched the Surface

By Steve DeBusk

Anti-graffiti film, also known as sacrificial film, is one of our industry’s most overlooked opportunities. Many dealers don’t have it in their portfolio, and some aren’t even aware it exists. This is partly because it’s seen as a niche product, and partly because you could be surrounded by it and not even know. Bryan Roades from Eco-Tint in Nevada puts it this way:

“On Las Vegas Boulevard, touch pretty much any piece of glass, mirror, stainless steel or granite, and it will be protected by anti-graffiti film. Many of the businesses doing this now learned about it from us. They have replacement budgets because their properties are regularly damaged, and don’t know that they can take care of the problem for much less with film.”

Of course your market won’t be identical to Las Vegas, but there are still lots of great take-aways from that statement. Break it down to four basics, and it’s easy to see that there is likely lots of work out there, just waiting for you.

1. The money is there. Because awareness is so low, you don’t really have to sell anti-graffiti film to businesses or property managers. Instead, you can just explain what anti-graffiti film is and how it delivers savings. Anti-graffiti customers expect to replace glass and other surfaces regularly, or they just had to recently and still feel the sting. When they find out how much less it costs to install and replace film, it’s a no-brainer buy.

2. It’s not just a one-time sale. Anti-graffiti film is meant to be replaced. This makes it easy to suggest a maintenance plan covering regular removal and installation of fresh film. This is an especially easy sale if you offer a discounted price. You can offer on-call, monthly or annual replacement for less than the original installation, and have regular work filling your calendar. When your relationship is strong, you could be in a position to walk a property, fix what’s damaged, and send an invoice. That customer will likely call you first for solar and decorative jobs too.

3. Installation is simpler than solar. With anti-graffiti film, you don’t have to worry about gaps the way you would with solar film, so you can cut it ahead, take it to your site and smooth it on quickly. Because the adhesive used for anti-graffiti film is made to peel off more easily, any remove-and-replace maintenance is quick and easy too.

4. Applications are everywhere. There’s a downtown area that would benefit from anti-graffiti film in every city. And there is always glass: windows, doors, partitions, escalators, and more. Think beyond glass too. Anti-graffiti film can be used on bathroom or dressing room mirrors, stainless steel elevators, and granite bar tops or tables. Anything smooth, vulnerable and expensive to replace is potential anti-graffiti film work.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing potential anti-graffiti projects everywhere you go–when you’re out at night, as you drive to work, or when you see a ballgame. Why not stop by a few likely local customers, talk anti-graffiti film, and see what happens? It could turn out that you’ve been driving past future business every day.

Steve DeBusk is technical enablement manager for Eastman Performance Films, LLC.

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