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August 4th, 2021 by Bryan

Decorative Film: Going Custom

Edited by Emmariah Holcomb

If you are a film company that tackles custom projects and would like some tips, or if you are thinking of tackling custom projects but don’t know where to start, then this column is for you. Two experts from Source One Digital are here to help you go custom.

Going custom is commonly seen when a design is printed onto film in a one of a kind way or layout instead of a generic or mass produced design. It also gives companies the ability to provide their clients with specialty films that can open new channels and help set them apart from the competition. In order to do this companies must have or purchase special equipment.

“We do all custom films for our clients and often times we duplicate what they want based off of what they like,” says George Atkinson, SourceOne digital vice president of marketing and sales.

“… We just did one from a discounted stock film,” adds Abby Crow, SourceOne digital president. “We used a photo and a small sample of the film to build our own template and color.”

It takes a strong team to make any client’s idea into a custom creation.

“There’s an art to it [designing and installing custom films] and not everyone can do it. In order to be successful you have to be able to build files and stock from scratch to match what your client is looking for,” says Atkinson. Could there be more custom projects in store for the industry going forward, or has the trend already taken off?

“Over the last year we’ve seen the demand for custom window film skyrocket and now everyone seems to want it. Why—it’s because it brings a unique welcoming feeling to a space,” says Crow.

Have you taken anything away from the tips that were highlighted? Will you start creating your own custom colors a try to make a standard project extraordinary? If yes, send us a note at eholcomb@glass.com. We would love to feature it in a future issue.

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