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August 4th, 2021 by Bryan

Window Film Installations Made Easy

By Emmariah Holcomb

The window film industry has what may seem like an endless amount of products and tools—each designed to help make projects go as planned. In this issue we take a look at a few you may want to add to your toolbox.


Advanced Cutting System, or MACS

This picture is cutting edge in more ways than one. Several members on the Madico team said the company’s Madico Advanced Cutting System, or MACS, is definitely an important piece of equipment that should be on any company’s list of considerations. Not only can it handle printing for some of the most intricate designs, but it also features printing at faster rates than other machines. That alone, they say, can allow for an increase in the amount of projects your business can do simultaneously.

“The Madico Advanced Cutting System (MACS) is a top-of-line film plotter and software program loaded with powerful design features,” said Steve Wood, Madico business development manager. “It opens the window tinting business to more restyling professionals by simplifying the film cutting process and increasing the number of jobs that can be completed in a day. MACS can also help you ‘wow’ customers by adding custom designs, logos and text to window film patterns. Plus, with no per-cut fee, you are free to re-cut patterns over and over.”

According to Madico, its cutting system is a must have, especially for window film businesses who strive for a more streamlined process when it comes to printing.

Fusion Tools also has a variety of items that officials say they’ve seen rise in popularity—the first being the company’s handles. Many in the industry agree: Quality handles can be one of the most used items, aside from squeegees.

Fusion Tools

Shorty Handles

“Yes, I’d say we definitely have our top tools. Our five-inch Fusion Handles and five-inch Orange Crush are staples for the industry,” said Jordan Campbell, Fusion Tools vice president. “From what the company has seen, they are definitely two of our biggest sellers.”

But it doesn’t stop with just two of the most preferred handle options, as company sales have increased in its shorty handles, too, Campbell added. These handles offer a unique change in design that increases functionality and ease of use for installers, according to the company.

“We’re also seeing a lot of traction on our new five-inch Shorty Handles. One beneficial point about this particular handle is its design, as we removed the thumb grip from our current handle design,” Campbell said. “Since making that decision we’ve found auto installers are loving them across the board.”


Fusion Tools has also seen an increase in demand for some on its squeegees, Campbell suggested, as tinters are aware of the challenges they might face by using less useful equipment—specifically when it comes to the go-to tools used to smooth out small air pockets that can form underneath window film. She noted its design and ability to fit easily in the palm of your hand.

“It’s surprising, but our new five-inch Cropped Red Line Squeegee Blades have taken off with astounding performance,” she explained. “We’re noticing many in the industry needed something like this and due to the response the company has been getting, we’re really happy to be able to put out a new tool that everyone seems to love so much,” says Campbell.

Adhesive Remover

If you haven’t tried Fusion Tools adhesive remover, Campbell suggested thinking about adding it to your next order. According to the company, it offers high quality performance and provides consistent results.

The company’s popular remover is an alcohol, oil and ammonia-based formula that’s formaldehyde-free. According to company officials, it breaks adhesives down quickly and because there aren’t any oils in the solution, users can easily reinstall mew materials after using. Fusion’s remover is geared toward materials used on window films, vinyl and even paint protection films. An interesting point about this particular item includes the way it breaks down binding adhesives. Once it’s sprayed in the desired spots, it goes to work, breaking down the most common bonding agents.

“Our Fusion Epic Orange Adhesive Remover is also going over extremely well. We’re literally sending pallet loads of it all over the world because of how well it removes adhesives,” Campbell said. “It makes the process easier and allows for faster adhesive removals.”

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