Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
August 18th, 2021

What Does Optimizing Google My Business Mean?

Many of you have heard me mention optimizing your Google My Business page to get maximum exposure for local marketing. One issue that is often overlooked is optimizing this page to get the most benefit. What are the components of page optimization? Let’s take a look.

1. List all services that you can for your company. You will see in the graphic that this client has five separate services that they have listed. Don’t just list your primary service. List all that apply.

2. Make sure that your service area is fully covered in your listing. You can see at the picture to the right that this business is showing that they cover several counties with their services. Don’t just list your city. List all the areas your company services.

3. List your business hours. If your business has various hours or non-standard hours, it would still make sense to add some hours that you know you will be available. Don’t leave the hours empty if possible.

4. List all of your phone numbers and your website address.


5. In addition to the services listed above, also fill out the services tab with all services as seen in this picture. You can add a short description of each service listed. Make sure that those services have a description that has appropriate keywords. You can see a description of what this looks like for this client in this image below.

6. You have 750 characters to fill in a summary about your business. Take advantage of this area to tell people about your company and use appropriate keywords to help optimize this area.

7. Make sure that you add your logo and a cover photo in the photos area. Make sure that the photos have at least basic optimization. Instead of uploading a picture with a title like 57862.jpg, rename the photo something like carved-stone-products-pittsburgh-pennsylvania.jpg. You now are giving Google a much better idea of what this picture is actually about. Also, continue to add great pictures as you get them optimizing them fully before uploading them.

8. Add posts to the Google My Business page. You have the ability, just like social media platforms, to add posts to Google My Business. See the picture at the right for an example of a post. You can upload a picture and provide the basic post as well as choose a call to action like the “Learn More” seen here. That button links the visitor to their website.


We hope these tips help you get your Google My Business page on the right track. By making these changes and keeping up with them, you will see your local presence be enhanced.

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