The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
September 1st, 2021

What’s Your Brand?

What’s your brand? It’s a question that was tossed from person to person during a Window Film Pros Clubhouse room this month, and it got me thinking about my company’s brand, my own personal brand and the brands of others. I reached out to 11 film stars to dive deeper.

My Brand

My overarching brand is WINDOW FILM magazine, a worldwide source of accurate, timely information on the film and tint community. I further it with my personal brand, which centers on enlightening and encouraging storytelling. I aim to be a lighthouse for the industry, guiding its members with pertinent, useful information while also providing light and positivity along the way because the world needs more of it. Whether I’m writing about philanthropy, supply chain issues or success stories, my personal brand is front and center. But enough about my brand—what about yours?

Jordan Shady Jay Jernigan, main installer and shop manager at Luxury Window Tinting in Greenbrier, Ark.

Luxury Window Tinting started out in owner Rashon Mckinney’s garage over a year ago. Our colors are black and gold—one of my favorite combos. We both have a passion for what we do, and we always strive to show that in our work and how we deal with customers. What resonates most with us is that we have a small-town feel and make every job personal for us and the customer, making sure to explain all of the options we have available for them. We provide as much knowledge as we can about the film we use and what they want to accomplish, rather than just telling the customer what they should do.

Jordan Shady Jay Jernigan, main installer and shop manager at Luxury Window Tinting in Greenbrier, Ark.

Michelle Hurtado, president of Sal’s House of Tint in San Marcos, Texas.

When designing our logo, we asked that it convey class, style and a bit of rock and roll. We wanted something that would look great as a giant neon sign, and were inspired by old Vegas. It had to appeal to a broad target market: Hot-rodders, respectable homeowners and commercial property owners. We’re primarily known for quality installs, but customers always remember Sal’s funky style, along with the eclectic art and music in our shop. We’re often told that it feels more like a fun tattoo shop than a tint shop. Our company shirts are bright and colorful, with neon green being our go-to ink color for screen printing. Our towels and surface protectors are just as loud, with vibrant polka dots and patterns. We don’t fit the typical corporate mold, but that was never the plan and our customers seem to love that about our little business.

Matthew Yelle, co-owner of Palmetto Protection Films in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Our shop’s brand as “Palmetto Protection Films” is based off of our state, state tree and our state’s nickname with the slogan: “Protection to Safeguard Your Peace of Mind.” We want to give clients a commonality with our area but also connect the protective benefits of window film into our brand. Our hope from potential customers looking at our brand is that they see a professional window film specialist that is trustworthy, honest and dependable.

Ty Sullivan, vice president of SPF Window Tinting, Inc. in Hattiesburg, Miss.

Our brand is longevity and consistency—we have been in the same area for 22 years. We have continued to brand ourselves, installations and products as the leading edge of the industry in our area. I have dedicated the last ten years of our marketing budget to just that.

Sharyn Volpe, co-owner of Frederick Window Tinting in Frederick, Md.

Our colors were black, blue and white but have since transitioned to black and white for a cleaner look. In addition to our business page, we created a group called “Shop Local Frederick Maryland” for our local area. It has grown to over 21,000 people and it’s free advertising for us and other local businesses. We get a lot of business from the group. We try to be community oriented on both our page and the group and I think people relate to that. They come in feeling like they already know us and our family—I think that is what sets us apart.

Kris Queen, owner of 5Star Window Tinting / Sun Stoppers South Chicago in New Lenox, Ill.

My marketing strategies have been word of mouth number one, then using social media platforms, going to community events and car shows, [holding] raffle giveaways and fundraisers and [using] Google. I am so thankful for all the great reviews from our loyal customers.

Stan Foster, co-owner of Alexias Window Tinting in Beaverton, Ore.

Our logo that appears on the website is of a car wearing sunglasses. Back in the day when we advertised, we pushed the sunglasses for your car tag line. The tag line on our business card [now] is “Reputation built on Recommendation.” Generally, you will hear Christian music playing in the shop, and that music follows the way we run our business.

Patrick Latman, owner of Sun Solutions Tinting in Palm Harbor, Fla.

Our colors are red, black and white. My son’s favorite color is red so we ran with it. I think a person from the outside looking in would recognize that—even though we are a newly-established business— we are not a fly-by-night operation. Our staff wears uniform tops, we conduct ourselves professionally, we have professionally-wrapped work vans and [offer] lifetime warranties with all installations. We give that extra effort that most other companies let fall to the side.

Dave DeCarli, owner of Solar Impressions in Altamonte Springs, Fla.

The company colors are red and black (clients will see Boston Red Sox logos all over). I think I stand out in a saturated market in central Florida by making clients well-informed of their choices in a professional manner, but at the same time making them smile . . . making them feel like they chose the right tint shop or glad they listened to their friend. 35 years down, many more to go!

Chimal Jose, owner of Pro Window Tinting in McKinney, Texas.

Chimal Jose, owner of Pro Window Tinting in McKinney, Texas.

I have been advertising with my car since 2007 because my dad pushed me to do it. It was a great thing to do. What I need to do now is wrap my car with my logo—that will attract even more costumers.

Robert Stanley, owner of Stanleys Detailing in Pryor, Okla.

Our shop is different from [others] because they see the real. I don’t cover up mistakes. We air them, letting people know we stand by our work, and will do whatever it takes to make it right. They also never deal with anyone else. You want something, you talk to me. Who’s working on your car? I am. Who’s doing my ceramic coating? I am.

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