WINDOW FILM Editorial Director Launches Book Two in Romance Series

September 8th, 2021 by Editor

Tara Taffera, WINDOW FILM editorial director, launched book two last week in her Christian romance series. Love Unfailing follows Love Ordained, which was published in February 2021.

Tara Taffera’s second book, Love Unfailing.

While her first novel was 20 years in the making, this process went much faster, she says. “It’s all about making it a priority,” says Taffera. “I set a goal to write a thousand words five times a week. Sometimes, I made it, often I didn’t, but I just kept plugging away.”

Taffera says she has learned a great deal about book publishing this past year. “There is so much more to it than writing the novel,” she says. “It’s crazy the things I have learned about marketing a book. My life is busy now, but it’s fun, and I’m blessed to have this opportunity.”

Love Unfailing is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. An audio version is in production.

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