Eastman Launches SunTek® Evolve Window-Tint Technology

October 25th, 2021 by Chris Collier

Eastman Performance Films, LLC has launched SunTek® Evolve window-tint, and according to the company, it couldn’t have released at a better time. Independent, authorized SunTek dealers are seeing more customers, especially those with electric vehicles, opting for window-tinting services that help protect both the car and driver while contributing to overall vehicle efficiency.

Eastman’s next-gen tint will be front and center at SEMA. (Photo courtesy of Eastman Performance Films)

“Window tints keep the cabin cooler, so my customers don’t need to reach for the AC as often,” says SunTek-authorized dealer Joel Rodriguez, general manager, Performance Clear Bra in Fort Worth, Texas. “Regardless of the vehicle—if you’re using less AC, you’re saving fuel. And my EV customers tell me they are seeing longer ranges following installation.”

SunTek Evolve is designed to block 99% of harmful cancer-causing UV rays and can reject up to 94% of heat-surging infrared rays, allowing for cooler cabins and reduced interior fading. Evolve also offers numerous tint options so drivers can achieve the desired look or upgrade existing factory-tinted glass. SunTek-authorized dealer Gregg McKay, owner of Tintman Window Tinting and Paint Protection in Escondido, Calif., has seen the industry’s evolution firsthand.

“I’ve been in this business for 37 years,” McKay says. “The window-tint options drivers have today—and the benefits they offer—far exceed what we saw only a few years ago. My customers want interior comfort with a factory-glass look, which we’re now able to achieve flawlessly.”

SunTek Evolve underwent testing with dealers nationwide and represents Eastman’s next-generation solution in window-tint technology. The new product combines a proprietary coating for easy installation with ceramic-film technology to offer extreme heat rejection, according to the company.

“Window tint is becoming a must-have accessory,” says Darrell Reed, commercial director, Eastman Performance Films. “We know drivers are looking for key benefits when considering a window-tint technology—from blocking heat and dangerous UV rays to reducing glare and achieving privacy. SunTek Evolve goes beyond the basics to offer drivers the most features possible, which is why dealers, drivers, auto enthusiasts and OEMs continue to put their trust in Eastman.”

SunTek Evolve will be featured in the Eastman booth (#52051) at the 2021 SEMA Show Nov. 2-5 in Las Vegas.

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