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October 15th, 2021 by Nathan Hobbs

Film Shops Navigate the New Normal—and Still Excel

Life is different 18 months after COVID-19’s arrival. As the pandemic’s path shifts, so does society and its stance on masks, vaccines and safety mandates. The new normal is unpredictable, but the companies on WINDOW FILM magazine’s 2021 Top Dealer list showcase adaptability and perseverance. Top industry players are weathering the storm, adapting operations and growing in the process.

Never Fold

National Glazing Solutions (NGS) in Canton, Ga., tops 2021’s list. The company’s annual sales totaled just under $30 million with $35 million sold (collected contracts) in 2020. One hallmark project was the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field, where the company installed approximately 20,000 square feet of security film on perimeter glazing.

“We are up approximately 33% on revenue year-to-date versus the same time last year and expect to pick up momentum in the back half of this year,” says managing partner James Beale.

California’s Campbell Corp. had an estimated $6 to $9 million in sales in 2020 due to its decision to re-focus operations. The company surpassed last year’s revenue this July and anticipates that rate to continue as it reinvests profits into infrastructure, new product categories and marketing efforts.

“We have experienced our largest year-over-year growth in company history—largely attributed to many prior years of re-tooling to become security-centric,” says CEO Brad Campbell. “Our diversification in security products offerings and a heavy emphasis on the marketing of these products has fueled growth. All of that said, we have certainly experienced challenges with California’s heavy lockdowns and regulatory requirements, combined with a tight labor market.”

Advanced Film Solutions in Lutz, Fla.—2020 LLumar® SelectPro™ National Dealer of the Year—has experienced ups and downs throughout these uncertain times.

“Last year we grew despite COVID, having landed some larger commercial projects where the building managers were looking to improve their spaces before tenants returning,” says Adam Feldman, vice president and sales manager. “This year, the second Delta wave has caused over a month worth of labor delays with several installers falling ill as well as several projects needing to be delayed due to film shortages.”

COVID health measures vary by location, and the New York Window Film Company has had to deal with some of the strictest measures. “We were completely closed for three months in 2020 and then three months of a slow return causing us to finish 2020 with sales off by more than 25%,” says president Steve Pesce. “Although I’ll be up against 2020, occupancy levels in New York City office building are still hovering about 25% of pre-pandemic levels, reducing the chance for a full recovery to 2019 levels.”

Tommy Silva, CEO and president of Hawaii’s T&T Tinting Specialists says business is looking brighter as the sun begins to set on a year as unpredictable as the former. The company expects to hit nearly $5 million in sales by year’s end, a welcome surprise.

“The increase has been attributed to pent-up auto tinting demand (as well as delivery of new vehicles that were back-ordered for 9-10 months) compounded with residential and commercial tint work that was either put on hold or shut down for the pandemic,” Silva says. “[It’s] all coming back online now, all at the same time, creating a surge in scheduling as well as film orders.”

The Preferred

Which film and tools do these film stars turn to when the tinting gets tough?

Joshua Miller, Green Valley Window Tinting
“We are a SolarGard Panorama, 3M Crystalline and 3M Prestige dealer.”

Brad Campbell, Campbell Corp.
“3M Exterior Prestige 40.”

Rick Puthoff, Eclipse Window Tinting
“Our in-house software is our go-to tool [for] keeping our installs on track and on time. Being so high volume—it’s a must for our business.”

Paul Shamiyeh, Energy Control Consultants
“We have been a loyal 3M dealer since 1985 and appreciate the support provided by our distributors and from 3M corporate.”

Randy Hutson, Five Star Window Coatings
“Go-to films have been 3M across the board.”

James Beale, National Glazing Solutions (NGS)
“I wouldn’t say we have a ‘go to’ necessarily as we are a solutions-based provider and thus don’t push a product. [But] we sell a substantial amount of 3M ultra 800 and
exterior prestige solar film.”

Matthew Darienzo, Solar Art
“Little Giant ladders are key for us.”

Mike Burke, Sunstoppers
“XPEL [for] film.”

Tommy Silva, T&T Tinting Specialists Inc.
“Go-to films for us here at T&T Tinting for the past 39 years have been LLumar / Vista and FormulaOne … consistent quality, great service and support, no-questions-asked warranty service when needed and fair pricing. They have become more like ‘business partners’ rather than just a film supplier.”

Kyle Calera, Advanced Tint Co./RPM Superstore
“We are a SunTek dealer—excellent film [and] the best service I’ve had in 36 years. We needed a film to hold up to our reputation and SunTek is our go-to film.”

Steve Pesce, New York Window Film Co.
“Whatever is best to the customer.”

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