Jeff Franson Talks Security Amid Societal Tension

November 24th, 2021 by Chris Collier

Security is a hot topic in 2021. WINDOW FILM magazine discovered the role of security film in the breach of the U.S. Capitol in January. In the aftermath, a tense political climate persists and so do the potential crimes it generates. DefenseLite®, a security glazing system designed to mount onto existing glazing, is one of several security options for schools, retailers and storefronts to consider. Impact Security LLC managing director Jeff Franson discussed dealer training sessions and the market trends facilitating their existence.

Mark Mineer, who works on fabrication and distribution for Impact Security, leads a classroom session.

WF: When and where do these training sessions take place?
Franson: We do about four to six training sessions annually. We’ll do half of them on the East Coast, and half on the West Coast. On the East Coast, we do the training out of our Marietta, Ga., fabrication center. On the West Coast, we do it out of our fabrication center in Glendale, Ariz. They’re done every second or third month based on demand. Usually, we’ll have anywhere from five to seven new dealers per training session. It’s a three-day event, including travel. We cover everything from the education of the product all the way through installation. The last training took place in Glendale in October, and the next training takes place in February, and that’ll be in Marietta, Ga.

WF: What is the primary objective of these sessions?
Franson: Our end goal is to certify dealers, and they might be window film dealers, glaziers or general contractors. To take these independent businesses and train them on how to assess for, sell, order and then install these DefenseLite systems in their local market. So we’re teaching them what they need to know from a selling standpoint during our first day of training, which essentially is classroom [focused]. We’ll have modules that are built on assessing for storefront glazing solutions. We’ll have modules based on windows 101—how to understand glazing frames and actual glass. We’ll have modules on different techniques that we use relative to installation and the components that we use for each existing condition. Day two is done at the plant and we’ll have hands-on training, where they’ll spend the day with the tools. They’ll spend the day measuring a building, cutting down the polycarbonate, cutting down the metal [and] getting their hands dirty, so to speak; putting into practice what they learn during the day one classroom session.

Certificates are completion certs designating each dealer as Certified Dealers of Impact Security (manufacturer of DefenseLite).

WF: What are your recent takeaways?
Franson: If we look back at the last 18 months, because that’s how long we’ve been training dealers, the excitement for the product, because of the customer demand, continues to trend favorably for the business opportunity. Folks who are coming into training are excited about taking this back to their local market because they know that there’s high demand. . . . It’s a positive environment. People know they’re adding a product line that’s going to help them grow their business, but also, it’s going to be impactful in their local community because they’re installing now a more robust solution set that is going to protect schools, retailers [and] storefronts more effectively than some traditional solutions.

WF: What are the current market trends?
Franson: There’s no question that the threat environment has increased significantly over the last two to three years. Whether it’s political reasons, media or driven by other events, there’s been a change in the intensity and frequency of attacks on stores and buildings. Where we used to experience smash and grab with only select retailers, now we see that there’s smash and grab and riotous behavior, attacking almost any building of authority [and] any store regardless if it’s a dollar store or a Michael Kors. Pretty much everybody is a target. That wasn’t the case two, three or four years ago, so the market for these products has expanded exponentially.

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