Female Film Stars Find Voice for 2022

December 8th, 2021 by Chris Collier

The women of the window film industry will kick off 2022 with a different form of customized artistry. Prominent female film stars will ring in the new year by launching a calendar titled the Women of Automotive Film. Ten women comprise the calendar’s pages.

“I want to bring light to [the fact] that there are females in this male-dominated industry,” says Liz Lasa of Artistic Window Tinting in Yuba City, Calif., who is also known as ‘Window Tinting Queen.’ “Hopefully, it brings light to other females that want to get into our industry—to promote that it’s open to males and females.”

Each month after January 2022 features photos of a different industry professional:

Luanna Souzza of Tint Pro in Sunrise, Fla.

January 2022 (All 10 women)

February 2022 (Melody Champagne, owner of Champagne Window Tinting in Roswell, Ga.)

March 2022 (Amber Bailey, vehicle wrapper)

April 2022 (Luanna Souzza of Tint Pro in Sunrise, Fla.)

May 2022 (TBD)

June 2022 (Julia Collins of Kaloko Tinting in Kona, Hawaii)

July 2022 (Julieta Moreno of Boss Lady Window Tint in Katy, Texas)

August 2022 (Cheyanne Kahele, owner of Kaloko Tinting in Kona, Hawaii)

September 2022 (Erika Gare, wrap artist)

October 2022 (Raphael Love, owner of Love’s Mobile Tinting LLC)

November 2022 (Amber Renea, owner/technician at Revamped Rides LLC in Blue Springs, Mo.)

December 2022 (Liz Lasa of Artistic Window Tinting in Yuba City, Calif.)

“I do all of the automotive film where I work,” Kahele says. “I’m sweating and in T-shirts and shoes all day. I was looking forward to taking nice pictures, getting pretty, getting all glammed up and feeling good about myself. Because I don’t get to do that—I’ve got three kids, have my own business and [I’m] trying to build a house.”

Lasa represents December 2022 in the calendar.

Wrap artist Gare’s goal aligns with other women in the group. “I wanted to be a part of the calendar to connect with other women in the industry,” Gare says. “To inspire other women to embrace themselves for who they are and not just who they think they should be working in a male-dominated industry.”

Calendar feedback has far exceeded expectations for Champagne. “I think we all have something in common,” Champagne says. “I think we’re all tomboys in a way. It’s a great way for us to express that. I didn’t know what would come of it. I’m sure they probably didn’t know what would come of it. Now, here we are making a calendar.”

Kahele echoed Champagne, citing a notable character trait as common ground for the group.

“The more I’ve been learning about us, I think the biggest thing we have in common is perseverance,” adds Kahele. “There are so many things that we’ve each overcome in our own lives—personal and work. These ladies are so strong.”

The group has discovered a voice that the community continues to amplify. Renea says, “I hope that it shows all sides of us—not just sweating in big T-shirts tinting cars. We’re still feminine, too.”

Women of Automotive Film is slated to release later this month.

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  1. I’d Like To Be In Next Year’s Calendar!! I have a 2013 f150 with my business logo on it

  2. We are so grateful to be apart of this amazing industry at such a wonderful time! Thank you for writing this amazing article that highlights our journey in creating this calendar

  3. If you need a May! I am in. I own my own shop and love my tint life.

  4. I manage the Florida market for Xpel. Would like to support female owned tint businesses and female tinters/PPF in automotive especially in Sou Florida’s markets.

  5. I’ve been laying PPF and window film for over 10 years now and love being apart of a huge, growing industry! Women have a different approach of doing things, I think we all know that, and we are successful at it! Keep killing it ladies! Cheers

  6. Perseverance…yes! That is what it takes in the film industry and this is awesome to see all of the other ladies killing it out there. I have owned, operated and installed along side of my husband for my window film/PPF business in PA for 14 years. I would love to be a part of this!

  7. Buen artículo, me gusta que las mujeres estén tomando un lugar en esta industria. me encantaría estar dentro de esa lista de mujeres tinteadoras. Mi nombre es Sofía Ávalos instaladora en Bluemax Tinting en Livermore CA

  8. Im 47 and finally am where i need to be. It took a long time in the shadows to realize that I am the star. I am the one with the passion for window film and the imagination to tint anything. I would love to tell my story!

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