The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
January 26th, 2022

Falcons and Film

SoFi Stadium of Inglewood, Calif., plays host to Super Bowl LVI in a few weeks. The 298-acre stadium houses 100,240 fans and it will be the place to be on Sunday, February 13, 2022. My Atlanta Falcons won’t be in the big game, but my lifelong fandom holds value that extends into my life.

The Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams remain in the race to The Golden State. My Falcon’s last Super Bowl appearance came on February 5, 2017 when the New England Patriots erased a 28-3 deficit and won 34–28. The collapse generated endless memes and even inspired the Patriots when it came time to design their championship rings. Recovery is nowhere in sight for the Falcons, who have missed the playoffs four years straight. But there is value in defeat. I take three lessons from my team’s loss into the everyday grind.

1. Keep Your Foot on the Gas

The Falcons held a 25 point lead mid-way through the third quarter at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, but it didn’t matter. Then four-time (currently seven) Super Bowl Champion Brady climbed his way back into the game, little by little. The Falcons let their guard down and facilitated their comeback. It’s an abstract comparison, but our world—and our industry—is evolving daily. From cryptocurrency to autonomous vehicles to competing wrap technology, I have my eyes on the trends to ensure I keep my lead.

2. Enjoy the Now

The Falcons lead disappeared in an instant. Fans experienced three-and-a-half quarters of bliss in 2017 and are in the middle of a rebuild that features sparse attendance, winless starts and firings. Society is constantly moving onto the next thing—the next day, week, month and year. Looking ahead provides motivation, but I’ve found my best success when I appreciate the now, not the later.

The Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened on August 26, 2017.

3. Failure Makes Success Sweeter

I believe that the fandom chooses you, not the other way around. Born and raised in metro Atlanta, proximity spurred my passion for the hometown team. But there are only so many Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. Not every team experiences winning year after year. The Cleveland Browns first playoff berth since 2002 came in 2021. Fans celebrated the 19-year drought coming to a close, cherishing a slice of success. It wasn’t business per usual.

I hope the Falcons don’t have a two-decade drought, but it will make the winning seasons significant if they do. Like life, there are ups and downs in football. It’s important to remember that low valleys lead to even steeper hills.

The Super Bowl is a festive time full of parties, get-togethers and marketing campaigns. Has your decorative film company worked on a decorative project for a past Super Bowl? If so, feel free to email me at for a future article.

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