Home Window Film Federal Tax Credit Extended for 2021

January 12th, 2022 by Chris Collier

Tax season is off to an excellent start for the film industry. A federal tax credit remains available for residential energy efficiency upgrades that include window film. IRS Form instructions detail the specific benefits.

The tax form reads as follows regarding the program.

You may be able to take a credit equal to the sum of:

1. 10% of the amount paid or incurred for qualified energy efficiency improvements installed during 2020, and

2. Any residential energy property costs paid or incurred in 2020.

However, this credit is limited as follows.

• A total combined credit limit of $500 for all tax years after 2005.

The section signifying window films’ inclusion reads:

Qualified energy efficiency improvements.

Qualified energy efficiency improvements are the following building envelope components installed on or in your main home that you owned during 2020 located in the United States if the original use of the component begins with you, the component can be expected to remain in use at least 5 years, and the component meets certain energy standards.

Any insulation material or system that is specifically and primarily designed to reduce heat loss or gain of a home when installed in or on such a home.

To learn more information about this credit, click here.

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