Tinting Together—Industry Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2022 by Chris Collier

Operating a film company is a complex undertaking loaded with daunting deadlines and demanding customers with eyes for the little things. It’s a journey full of hills, valleys and the in-between. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, industry couples say business is better together.

Love at First Sight

Jorge and Brenda Rivera fell in love on a cruise in 2017.

Jorge and Brenda Rivera run JR Auto Style together in Mount Airy, N.C. Their business partnership spans two years. They caught each other’s eyes during an elevator ride on a cruise in July 2017. “I’m like, ‘whoa,’ but I didn’t say anything,” Brenda says. “All I hear is him saying to his friends, ‘This is going to be a good cruise.’”

Jorge and Brenda didn’t officially meet until the following evening when they connected at a Captain’s Night. Conversations spawned a long-distance relationship and eventually an engagement in a similar setting on December 4, 2019. “Since I met her on a cruise, I thought it was only right to propose to her on a cruise,” Jorge says. “I proposed at a show in front of lots of people.”

Communication is vital for the couple, which tied the knot on August 21, 2020. “We understand each other, and when one is having a bad day,” Brenda says. “If he had a rough day today, tomorrow will be a late day for him. I try to understand him and how stressful it can get.”

Jorge appreciates the creative contributions that Brenda brings to the table. “She does all the marketing and designing. She has an artistic mindset—she can imagine something and throw it together. To see her take that and bring it to the business, I think that’s my favorite part about working together.”

Can I get Your Number?

Matthew and Kristy Yelle met 20 years ago.

Lance and Brandy Cullers met in 2005 at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Lance was studying graphic design and Brandy was studying animation. Today, the couple operates FilmProLV in Las Vegas, Nev., and has been working together since 2015. Brandy handles the prepping process and Lance installs the film.

“It can be tough sometimes because we do all the work ourselves,” Brandy says. “We’re constantly with each other all the time. I’d say humor is a big part of our relationship. It helps us get through those tough times.”

Every couple’s initial point of connection is unique, and Jeff and Shanna Spraetz of Precision Window Tinting Co. of Clovis, Calif., are no exception. “We met in 1985 and grew up together,” Shanna says. “We dated a short time in the early ‘90s, and then we both went our separate ways. In 2016, we started back up, got married and here we are again.”

Jeff and Shanna have been working as a film couple for four years and both say it’s fortified their bond. “The fact that we work together every day has made our marriage and our relationship stronger,” Shanna says. “You have to learn to communicate differently. How we deal with things at work is different than how we deal with things at home, but the fact you spend all that time together makes it where you have to focus on the relationship itself.”

Precision Window Tinting Co. will open a second location in Fresno, Calif., thanks to an advertising push that began in 2017. Jeff is thankful he can experience the hills—and inevitable valleys—with his wife.

“It’s cool to go to work with your best friend and share the success of the business,” says Jeff, who’s been in the industry since 1984. “I don’t even drive some of my cars—we drive to work together.”

‘Til Tint Do Us Part

Matthew and Kristy Yelle, owners of Palmetto Protection Films in Myrtle Beach, S.C., met in 2002 but have worked as a unit since they founded their company in August 2020. Matthew handles the installations, and Kristy takes care of administrative work. The couple cherishes the continuous climb.

Eric and Caroline Hofer are best friends first.

“We’ll sit down at the end of the day and talk about estimates, Tint Wiz and follow-ups,” says Matthew, who entered the industry at 18. “Coming home at the end of the day, it’s special to me; sitting down with her and going over stuff.”

Eric Hofer is the vice president of business development at Xlnt Tint of Mid Atlantic Inc. in Owings, Md. He met his wife Caroline, the company’s president, at a New Jersey church in 1997. The couple married three months later and celebrates 25 years of marriage later this year. They’ve worked together for nine years, and Eric says, “You’ve got to be best friends to make it work.”

“We still hang out together all weekend,” Caroline adds. “We’re together 24/7—every day, seven days a week.”

Austin and Micaela Cook met in 2010 and own Quality Tinting and Signs in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Relationships are complicated, but what about running a business with your significant other? Micaela is a decade in and says, “Working together strengthened our relationship. If you can work together successfully, you can be successful as a couple doing anything.”

WINDOW FILM magazine wishes all our couples a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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