Under the Sea

February 23rd, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

A Florida Glass Shop Goes Tropical

By Chris Collier

Personalization, privacy and style provide points of distinction for homes and businesses worldwide. The film industry’s products promote all three, and decorative film is a significant reason. From concealed cubicles to stylized branding, the segment accommodates a desire for differentiation. Two Naples, Fla., grandparents, Kimberly and Tim Shrout, aspired for a design that displayed their appreciation for their children and grandchildren. Vetrilite of Coral Springs, Fla., and its dealer Naples Tint Company in Naples, Fla., got to work in October 2020.

“The client’s inspiration for the project was straightforward,” says Marcello Becchi, vice president of sales and marketing at Vetrilite. “This is for their children and grandchildren, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. It is a tribute made using irony and fun. Throughout the house, they wanted to create the feeling of a magical space; something that made you smile all the time.”

The Peacocks

This vibrant design represents Kimberly and Tim’s daughter Nathalie, her husband and their four children. The two peacocks signify Nathalie and her husband. Two flying parrots, a hummingbird and a cardinal highlight their children in animal form. “This one was possibly the easiest and most impactful of all the designs,” Becchi says. “Easiest because Kimberly let us do what we wanted. Impactful because from the outside and inside of the shower, it is phenomenal … It is like showering in nature.”

Neptune and a Mermaid

This romantic design represents Kimberly and Tim. “The inspiration was to make fun of themselves,” Becchi says. “Still in a water/nature scenario, they wanted to celebrate their love. Kimberly requested an underwater world with Neptune holding a trident and a mermaid sitting in an oyster’s shell. Neptune is blowing red-colored heart kisses (bubbles) to the mermaid. A
design like this can drive you insane because there are so many styles and unless you know what you want, it is tough to explain with words.”

Becchi and his team sent Kimberly a file with various mermaid designs, requesting she concentrate on one thing: “Which one are you?” The process was personal but—like relationships—complex.

“Once she had picked the Mermaid, we could select the rest and create a rendering,” Becchi adds. “It took us six tries to finalize the design. The issue was that we had made Neptune look better than the mermaid. Those muscles had to go.”

Dolphins, Mustaches and Lipstick

Kimberly wanted a water design with two different styles for her sons and had something specific in mind for her son Nathan. The finished product incorporates “comedy in printed custom film” and involves a mix of realism and fantasy.

“Nathan and his wife are the adult dolphins,” Becchi says. “Adulthood was symbolized with mustaches and lipstick. Additionally, they had to be in a position of ‘kissing each other.’ The lipstick on the daughter-in-law had to be a specific color … Since it was such a strange design, we started by selecting the sea. We used a Japanese design for the waves. The reason is we wanted to make the entire design surreal by contrasting the realistic dolphin design with a cartoon design for the waves.”

Display Your Decorative Side

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Prize Package

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $2,500
Third Place: $1,000

Chris Collier is the assistant editor for Window Film magazine. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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