A New Hat by Cheyanne Kahele
by Cheyanne Kahele
March 2nd, 2022

Worthwhile Investments

I talked about developing a business owner mindset last month, and fear is one of the steepest hurdles; of the unknown, failure, and disappointment. Business investments you make help you prevail over false limitations created by worry.

Cash and Time

Cash is the investment a business needs for inventory purchases, operating expenses, marketing and advertising, and employees. An even clearer expenditure is time spent working on the business, learning and educating, networking, and building relationships.

The conquest of these investments subdues the fears. Receiving our pallet of inventory, purchasing furniture for the waiting room, finding new tools and equipment, generating consistent leads and new clients from advertising; the vision for my company is coming to life.

Business ownership comes with sacrifices.

My team had the opportunity to attend a dealer conference last month, and it was a worthwhile investment. My colleagues feel valued because I am willing to put time and money into their education and training, and it’s uplifting. Witnessing their determination to grow with the business gives me hope.

The clients are also happy with our newly-gained skills. Learning from others—setting our sights on what we can achieve—has laid the foundation for a solid partnership. Attending this conference cost me time at my company, money in my pocket, and family time with my children, but my business’ success will reflect the trip’s merit.

Investment: The dedication and sacrifice of an asset such as time, money, or effort to attain an increase in value over a period of time.

The Payoff
I operate with the same outlook when investing in advertising and marketing. Researching, creating, and running ads cost time and money. But their worth climbs when we attract new clients and fill the appointment schedule. Our company also created a new website this month, replacing our previous platform. I’ve put many hours into site building during late nights and early mornings, but new features and content-creation possibilities establish the potential for advancement.

I’ve worn the ‘investor hat’, and it’s exhilarating as I cross off goals and strive for milestones ahead. Overall, running a business is one big investment. It’s a risk, and you’re betting on yourself to create desired success.

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  1. Well done Cheyanne! We are all rooting for you and your business. Keep up the good work!

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