New Products March/April 2022

April 4th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

Anti-Graffiti Film

Not Today, Vandal

Graffiti Shield has developed an anti-graffiti film that can be applied to most flat surfaces and take the brunt of vandalism, according to the company.

The product is available in several surface finishes, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brushed gold. The multi-layer film is a four-layer stacked film with a patented peel point system allowing each layer to be removed. Users can detach the top layer if vandalized, exposing fresh film.


Best of Both Worlds

The Missing “Link” from Gasket Pro Tools is the sweet spot between a hard card and a full-handled squeegee, according to the company. The product is a hand-held, pocket-size squeegee that fills the void between hard cards and full-handled squeegees. The Missing “Link” Combo comes with three of the company’s blades:

The Sledgehammer (yellow) blade is rated at 93 durometer, making it optimal for extraction.

The De-Hydra (white) blade has a durometer rating of 90; excellent at extraction while offering slightly more give than the Sledgehammer.

The Judge (orange) blade features a durometer rating of 79. The flex this blade offers makes it ideal for prep work, per the company.

Architectural Films

Home Sweet Home

XPEL Inc. announced the expansion of its VISION™ architectural window film product portfolio and commercial support services. The new films and services are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of commercial buildings by lowering peak-energy demand and maximizing HVAC efficiency, according to the company.

The line up is headlined by films such as All-Season Intelligence, designed to reject solar heat in warmer climates and retain heat in cooler climates. Other products in the include safety and security films to strengthen glass and reduce damage from graffiti, decorative films to improve aesthetics, and solar films to maximize interior comfort and energy efficiency.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Geoshield’s Sun Shades

Geoshield launched Optical Shade, a mid-smoke PPF for headlights and taillights. The product features increased durability and protection over traditional vinyl light-covering films, according to the company. Available in 25% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) in 20” by 10’ rolls, Optical Shade also contains a high-gloss, self-healing top coat.

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