A New Hat by Cheyanne Kahele
by Cheyanne Kahele
May 11th, 2022

A Fork in the Road

New business owners must make crucial decisions. Many choices are made each day, but what happens when a dilemma presents itself, and you have to find a resolution? Determining the correct adjustments can be daunting to the point of pushing you to flip a coin and let destiny decide.

Decision making can determine success for you—and your team members.

A Blessing in Disguise

Sometimes a fork in the road is an opportunity to readjust and reevaluate the direction you and your business are heading. Sometimes, decisions can catapult you to the goals you’re reaching for … but they can also push you backwards.

How do you confidently make the changes necessary to get your business to its peak? Deciding on moving to a new shop, adding certain services or removing others and altering business structure are part of the equation.

Scan your business plan—there is no better time than now if you don’t yet have one. This is your roadmap where you will find the your business foundation; a place to determine if decisions align with your plan. Revisiting initial goals often allows you to step back from the issue and look at the bigger picture.

Jot it Down

Take a moment to write down the options and the choices you have. Maybe you’re mobile and aim to purchase a building. Is your current space able to accommodate the amount of work you have? Is paint protection film (PPF) part of your plans? Whatever it may be, these critical moments can significantly impact your business, and penning them can determine your future route.

Document your fears surrounding each potentiality. There is a solution to every problem. Our fears are often based on the limited belief we have in ourselves or the world. Overcoming worry starts by acknowledging their existence. Take a deep dive into your imagination and play out the best and worst scenarios if you choose a certain path.

Do research, crunch numbers and get advice from mentors. It is frightening to uncover logistics when steering the proverbial ship. But it is better to be well prepared and knowledgeable about what you are getting into instead of ‘seeing how it goes.’ No one jumps out of a plane without knowing where they will land first—certainly not without their parachute.

Ultimately, take your pick. Maybe the timing isn’t just right, or the funding isn’t available yet. But once you pull the trigger, an opportunity usually presents itself, and you will be well prepared to seize it.

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