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June 29th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

A Summer Showcase: Third Annual Window Film New Products Guide

Window Film magazine’s annual New Products Guide was bigger and better in 2021, thanks to submissions from all industry segments. This year’s Guide carries that momentum forward. From architectural and automotive window film, paint protection film (PPF), software, tools, printers and services, 2022’s list has something for every kind of film star. If you know of a new product that should be included in a future issue, email Chris Collier at

Architectural Window Film

Avery Dennison Ups the Atmosphere

Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal Architectural Window Film features a frosted effect allowing for privacy while still transmitting plenty of light, according to the company. Its wet-apply, quick-release clean adhesive allows the film to be repositioned during installation or removed easily after drying while leaving virtually no residue on the glass. The adhesive also doesn’t permanently stick to itself, potentially saving the installer time when removing the film from its liner.

20/20 Vision

Geoshield launched its new interior and exterior films for architectural applications called 20/20. This film is a neutral 20% film available for both interior and exterior applications.

The 20S interior film is a sputtered charcoal that is safe for use on double pane windows. The 20X exterior film is a grey stainless steel that is safer on riskier and restricted applications, according to the company.

Automotive Window Film

Hybrid Heat Rejection

Maxpro’s XCL PRO window film is a multi-layered hybrid that provides superior infrared rejection (IR) with low reflectivity, according to the company. More durable than
traditional dyed and metalized window films, XCL PRO’s enhanced design delivers aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results for drivers.

STEK Flexes its Muscles

DYNOflex is a thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU)-based windshield film that can be installed without using heat guns, per the company. It is designed to protect windshield damage from rock chips as auto manufacturers begin to incorporate windshields featuring complex features that lead to costlier replacements. It is also hydrophobic, which allows the driver better visibility when it is raining. As it doesn’t require shrinkage, it can be installed in a relatively short time.

Eastman’s Ceramic Tint “Evolves”

Eastman Performance Films announced its launch of a new ceramic tint, SunTek Evolve. This film is designed to block 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and can reject up to 94% of infrared rays (65% total solar energy rejection), which facilitates cooler cabins and reduced interior fading. The reformulated coating with improved scratch resistance and increased glide helps with quicker, better installs. Evolve also offers numerous tint options so drivers can achieve the desired look or upgrade existing factory-tinted glass, according to the company.

Cooling Down Summer

Wintech introduces XP (Xenium Premium) auto window film. XP is the company’s Nano-Ceramic film featuring 95% rejection of Infrared (IR) on all visible light transmission (VLT) options. Available VLTs include five, 15, 35 and 70%.

IVIOS’ Film Fights Imperfections

IVIOS offers the new Axion Automotive Windshield Protection Film Series with hard coating technology, providing scratch and abrasion resistance for windshields. The Axion film also provides over 99% UV protection and 50-70% IR blocking. The film has a water contact angle of 110 degrees, increasing water repellency.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Far-and-wide Protection

Global Hi-Tech Films’ PPF is constructed with a pro-quality, six mil thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film featuring a self-healing hydrophobic topcoat designed to protect paint finishes from scratches, scuffs and stains. The pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive is installer-friendly, and the silicon liner is easy to remove, according to the company.

Protekt the Investment

Madico’s Protekt paint protection film (PPF) keeps cars looking new for longer with a top coat protecting against common road debris such as gravel, tar, and bug residue. The product is optically clear and virtually self-healing, ensuring minor scratches and abrasions in the film disappear over time. The Madico Advanced Cutting System (MACS) offers an ideal pairing that helps dealers cut precise PPF patterns, according to the company.


Mutoh Makes Moves

The Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR Pro 64” Eco-Solvent single head, four-color (CMYK) printer builds upon Mutoh’s made-in-Japan reputation. It delivers optimal print quality and outstanding speeds, according to the company. It is powered by Mutoh’s new genuine VerteLith RIP Software, bundled with Mutoh’s FlexiDesigner Mutoh Edition 21.

VerteLith RIP optimizes the XPJ-1641SR Pro’s capabilities and produces the best-possible gradients, skin tones and vivid colors. This printer features Mutoh’s new AccuFine Print Head, which achieves dot placement accuracy and an increased nozzle row length for 35% faster print speeds. The XPJ-1641SR Pro is paired with Mutoh’s GreenGuard Gold certified MS41 Eco-Solvent ink, suitable for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals and child care facilities, providing users a larger color gamut, durability and enhanced dot gain.

Roland Rolls Out Enhancements

Roland’s third-generation TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutters expand on previous generations with automated features, added usability and broader color choices. Higher print quality, productivity and ease of use can be expected from those of past models. The printers come equipped with a seven-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration and other automated tools. In addition, eight-color ink configurations offer a variety of colors. The VG3’s four FlexFire printheads work with other prominent features to create custom graphics. Roland also offers the DG TrueVIS SG3 series in two sizes to deliver graphics.


Hands for Hire

Taking on large-scale projects is an overwhelming undertaking for small dealers. Having their main crew tied up for weeks or months can be detrimental to the rest of their operations. KAM Unlimited Inc. is a nationwide window film subcontractor, providing labor for large-scale projects so company owners can focus on advancing sales and maintaining their business. KAM currently services window film, resurfacing film, and wet glaze projects.


Johnson Window Films Goes Technical

Johnson Window Films has introduced FitPro, precision patterning software to help eliminate the dangers of hand cutting, reduce installation times and improve work efficiency. The software includes instant access to new patterns and updates, custom file manipulation and saving and technical support. Patterns are pre-nested for efficiency (manual nesting also available), and the platform supports multiple plotters.


Checking Up With EDTM

The latest edition of the Glass-Chek ELITE from EDTM can measure glass and space thickness of a window and identify the low-E coated surface of a window. It can also identify the type of low-E coating in a window with  a meter that displays the number of silver layers in a soft coat low-E. For window film technicians, this information can set expectations for customers. The GC3200 can also identify laminated glass in a window and measure the thickness of the laminate inner-layer. A graphical display shows an illustration of the profile of a window. Additionally, the meter will store the most recent 28 measurements taken by the user for later use.

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