Overheated: Embracing Rookie Mistakes

June 8th, 2022 by Chris Collier

Angel Martinez’s industry deep dive spans two years and includes both good and bad days. One of his most challenging came on May 27, when he cracked a 2021 Toyota Camry windshield while excessively heating film. Martinez welcomes the errors and shares them with others in a bid to push his young career forward.

Angel Martinez embraces the ups and downs at the onset of his industry career.

“I had a finger on the bottom corner, and I tried to heat it, push it down and it didn’t work,” says Martinez, owner of Resilient Tint in Chamblee, Ga. “I gave it a second and heated it again. My biggest error was putting too much heat on the same area for too long. I grabbed my Sprayway glass cleaner to finish and clean up. I look at it and there’s a big crack in the glass.”

Martinez published the error to an industry Facebook group immediately, seeking feedback for the future. The post received more than 50 comments.

“I know most people go on there to [display] a nice car they did,” he says. “But the biggest thing I’ve learned in general is that you can’t be scared to ask or show that you messed up. I posted it because I wanted to see what I could have done better. I didn’t think of it like, ‘I’m putting my failures on here.’ I wanted advice on how to do better.”

“When I started, I would go through a lot of film. I burned the film or cut it too short. But I always remember this quote: ‘I have failed more than most people have tried.’” – Angel Martinez, Resilient Tint, Chamblee, Ga.

Angel Martinez made it right with a free tint job.

Martinez contacted a local auto glass repair and replacement company and paid $590 for a full replacement. He presented the problem and solution to his client, offering to tint the vehicle free of charge post replacement. Three days later, Martinez posted the following: “Redemption time on this 2021 Camry. I’m going to be victorious this time.”

“Many people said it in their own words: don’t heat in the same area for too long,” he says. “Keep it moving.”

Martinez charges clients $100 for windshield tint installation as he learns the trade. Social media may be a highlight reel most days, but he isn’t afraid to buck trends. His next objective is discovering go-to microfiber towels for his process.

“The biggest challenge of the first year of ownership is getting into the rhythm of things and understanding you have to do it all yourself,” Martinez says. “The appointments, marketing, promotions, manual labor and inventory—you have to give your A-game in every single thing you do.”

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