Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
July 27th, 2022

Three Critical Local Marketing Strategies

Local Facebook groups provide meaningful marketing opportunities.

Marketing is often discussed in a broad sense. Terms are thrown around—having a website, doing “SEO,” running AdWords and managing targeted social media campaigns. While these are all important for a small business, focusing on specific local marketing strategies could pay significant dividends. In this article, I will focus on three local marketing strategies critical for your business.

1. Create, Verify, Optimize and Maintain a Google Business Page—I have discussed this at length in this previous article, and it is just as relevant today. You should consider this page a second, more localized version of your website. If you do not have a page, create one as soon as you can and get it verified. Once verified, optimize your page by fully filling out all the information about your business, service area and products. Finally, maintain this page by continuing to add new posts and photos as well as having a strategy to begin collecting Google Reviews for your business.

2. Join Local Facebook Groups—A quick search in Facebook Groups for things related to your local community is sure to bring up various local and community groups. You can join these groups from your business page and become part of the conversation in your local area.

One note of caution is that you should not spam these groups with the equivalent of an advertisement. Join in the conversation and be an active part of the group. People will begin to notice and figure out what you do, which can positively affect your local marketing efforts. Once established, you will have earned the right to occasionally post something promotional for your business. Even in these situations, try not to be overly “spammy” and, as much as possible, try to make it not feel like an ad.

3. Create Content on Your Website and Social Media That’s Relevant to Local Audiences—While creating content that is universal to the products and services you offer is good, content specifically related to your local market is even better. Post about local projects you have been involved with and local charities you have supported. These posts will not only help you potentially show up in more local feeds—you will appear more relevant and native to that community. People want to feel that they are doing business with someone in their community versus a faceless corporation somewhere. Use your social media posts to make that connection.

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