The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
July 13th, 2022

Reaping the Rewards of Reddit

Everyone has a preferred social media platform. Maybe you enjoy the endless scrolling of Instagram or the instantaneous news alerts from Twitter. Reddit is my favorite recreational tool that could hold hidden value for window film businesses.

What’s Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, content rating and discussion website. The platform had 430 million active users as of January 2022, according to German market and consumer data specialist Statista. Founded on June 23, 2005, the platform enables users to post content in the form of links, text posts, images and videos to the site. That content is then voted up or down by other members, determining which posts rise to the top.

There are more than 2.8 million “subreddits,” forums focused on a specific topic on the overall website. Users can subscribe to many, posting, commenting and observing along the way. R/books has more than 21 million subscribers, r/movies has more than 28 million and r/music has more than 30 million.

My Five Favorite Subreddits

My must-have subreddits allow me to unplug from the daily grind.

• r/cars
• r/falcons
• r/nfl
• r/movies
• r/pizza (great lunch break material)

I’ve always preferred Reddit over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It allows me to follow my passions and interests, filtering out unwanted content. Like industry Facebook groups, specific rules and moderators keep each sub-community running smoothly. Images and videos are a big part of the equation and add to written content. From snapshots of piping-hot pizza to five-paragraph movie reviews to post-game discussions on the NFL, the site has it all.

Business Benefits

According to online brand identity builder Logaster, the platform contains potential business benefits too. With just a little research, I can see why. I believe Reddit could provide an opportunity for window film professionals to network within related industries for tips and tricks, advice and potential leads.

Related Subreddits to Follow

• r/fabrication
• r/construction
• r/architects
• r/homeimprovement
• r/smallbusiness

While our industry doesn’t deal directly with fabrication and construction, window film is increasingly important to a building’s style, sustainability and security as an alternative to pricier glazing options. Joining Reddit could provide an opportunity to chat with architects and sell the benefits of film too.

Think outside the box and expose the window film and paint protection film (PPF) industries to car enthusiasts. Visit r/cars and explain the benefits of your top-of-the-line ceramic film. Dish out details on PPF, its construction and potential value—these users care about their rides. A lot.

Worst case scenario, you fall into the never-ending rabbit hole of r/food, r/funny and r/television. Fostering new business connections while having mindless fun in the process. It’s a win-win scenario. Have fun!

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