C-Bond Systems’ Patriot Glass Solutions Division Receives $30,000 Purchase Order

August 31st, 2022 by Chris Collier

C-Bond Systems, a nanotechnology solutions company, announced that its Patriot Glass Solutions division has received a purchase order in excess of $30,000 from a San Antonio high school for security film.

Patriot Glass Solutions’ security film product, C-Bond Secure, includes a liquid glass strengthening primer and window film mounting solution used in conjunction with security film to deter forced entry. C-Bond Secure increases the strength of the underlying glass using the company’s patented nanotechnology and, when used in conjunction with security window film, helps prevent break-ins and other similar crimes.

“This is yet another example of a school in Texas taking the initiative to install our security film to bolster overall student and staff safety,” says Michael Wanke, president of Patriot Glass Solutions. “As a Texas company, we have built a name for ourselves amongst schools in our state as a trusted provider of safety and security window film, and we are working with our Patriot Glass dealers in other parts of the country to help them do the same in their communities.”

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