Dear Reader September/October 2022

August 29th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

A Slice of San Antonio

By Chris Collier

Welcome to this issue and preview of the 21st Annual International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT). Exhibitors display their products and services ahead of time, offering a glimpse of what to expect in San Antonio this September 14-16 at the Henry B. González Convention Center. I shadowed the local industry scene when visiting the city to meet with dealers and industry supplier XPEL.

Selling Solutions

Walter Acosta of Tint Avenue in San Antonio peered at a shiny silver Porsche 911 illuminated by beaming overhead bay lighting. He pulled out his iPhone, scrolling to before pictures to demonstrate the difference he had made. The majestic machine glowed on Tuesday, June 7, but it had been grimy a few days before. Acosta’s face filled with pride as he progressed through the photos before pick-up.

“I like to deliver my clients a clean vehicle,” says Acosta, detailer at Tint Avenue. “I washed and cleaned the car, calling the client, saying, ‘You have an expensive car. We can offer a paint correction and ceramic coating.’ We sent him a picture when it was clean, and he was like, ‘I’m interested now.’”

Tint Avenue’s client initially opted for a detailing job that Acosta used as a springboard to facilitate a more significant sale.

“The client is arriving in an hour to pick it up,” Acosta said in anticipation. “He’s going to see the new results on his car … the most important thing is that the client is happy with what they’re taking back home.”

Settling In

Acosta previously operated a detailing business offering ceramic coatings and paint corrections in Puerto Rico. He had arrived in San Antonio just three weeks prior, but his industry experience spans more than two decades.

Tint Avenue represents one of five dealers I had the opportunity to visit during my week-long San Antonio experience in June. A passion for customer satisfaction rang true throughout this trip.

“When you can completely change a vehicle’s appearance with a little window film and see the customer happy because of the looks and the protection—customer satisfaction is my main thing,” says Brittany Hemby, sales manager at Tint World in San Antonio. “I’ve become best friends with some of my customers. We barbeque at my house; I have that rapport with them.”

Hemby kicked off her window film career two and a half years ago but was born into the automotive industry. She shares her passion with her father, who she connects with over cars.

“I’m from here, born and raised,” says Hemby, who won’t have to travel far for her first WFCT this year. “I told my dad when I was younger, ‘I’m going to go there one day,’ and I sure did.”

Chris Collier is the assistant editor for Window Film magazine. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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