Tint My Ride September/October 2022

August 29th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

Black and White Business Strategies

Welcome back! I’ve had many customers over the years say that I tint windows differently from every tint shop they’ve used in the past. When I ask them what I do differently, they say, “Everything.”

Old School

The last time I was in another tint shop was 1985—no joke. Why would I hang out in someone else’s shop when I have my own? Also, I honestly haven’t spent any time watching YouTube videos about tint because I had already been in the game for 20 years when it came online.

First of all, I cut on plastic, not glass. I have never cut a piece of tint on a glass surface, not even once. I don’t have a problem with people cutting on glass, but I don’t understand why. It reminds me of cutting meat or chopping vegetables on your granite counter versus using a cutting board.

My cutting board is the same material as all commercial and home cutting boards, and it’s called high-density polyethylene (HDPE). And guess what—it comes in white.

What could be a better background for black tint than white? It provides maximum visibility, is unbreakable and I can get far better cuts than cutting on a rock-hard surface such as glass. After so many cuts, you can smooth the board to like-new smoothness with a sanding block and grit wet/dry sandpaper, usually once every day or two. The last board I purchased was a 4×8 sheet of 1/4” white HDPE for $140. My board pictured measures 40”x 60,” but 48”x 72” would work even better.

My water supply—the white hose pictured—comes from the faucet 20 feet away and supplies the shorter green hose I use to constantly rinse the board and tint for dust and debris. I also fill the white bucket on the right to cleanse my hands from dust each time I grab the film to apply to the glass. The short hose above the green hose is for filling my quart sprayer and the trash can immediately to the left is for all excess and clears. The white wall keeps my shop bright. Rubber floor mats surround the car to keep your feet and legs healthy and add a cushion when kneeling for car doors.

Joe Doyle is the owner of Tint My Ride in Florissant, Mo.

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