Top Dealers September/October 2022

August 29th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

The Film Industry’s Upper Echelon

By Chris Collier

The demand for safety and security, solar control, style and privacy are substantial in 2022, and window film has situated itself in those markets without a hitch. From Georgia to California to Florida to New York, film dealers boost themselves to greater heights with a slate of smart solutions. This year’s Top Dealer list has also expanded to 26 companies—seven more than 2021’s rankings.

The Big Leagues

“The future is exciting for the industry with the sustainability and security tailwinds,” says CEO James Beale and chief operating officer Patrick Coyle of National Glazing Solutions (NGS) in Canton, Ga. “I believe both the sustainability and security areas will continue to see the most growth so long as there continues to be innovation from the manufacturers.”

NGS has lots to reminisce about and look forward to. The company landed in the $18 million-plus revenue category last year and sits at the peak of the Top Dealer list yet again and is situated in the $25 million-plus revenue segment. Beale and Coyle say they’ve taken the time and invested the resources to “build a comprehensive organization and market development strategy that has parallel tracks for national and geographic-specific development.”

“2022 is an exciting year as we are projecting $60 million in revenue by year’s end,” Beale and Coyle add. “Our plan for 2022 and 2023 is to continue to qualify and acquire companies that fit our strategic growth goals and develop programs and product development that will support our growth goals.”

Making the Difference

“I think much of our competition walks into a sales call and starts spewing window film information at their prospective customer, without taking the time to ask questions and truly find out the answer to the question, ‘Why am I here?’” says Adam Feldman, vice president of Advanced Film Solutions in Lutz, Fla. “Armed with the answers to some key questions, we become the
prospect’s ‘smart friend’ rather than salesperson, and we end up providing a solution to our customer’s problem rather than simply selling window tint.”

The 2020 LLumar SelectPro National Dealer of the Year Advanced Film Solutions has displayed perseverance by overcoming several challenges.

“Some of the product backorders and shortages over the past couple of years have been an annoyance,” Feldman says. “[But] the fact that there appears to be a shortage of new people desiring to enter the trade while existing installers are ‘aging out’ poses a constant issue in getting the material installed.” Despite speedbumps, Advanced Film Solutions maintains momentum and sits in the $1 to $3.5 million revenue category after accomplishing the same feat a year prior. As success becomes constant, Feldman looks forward to building further—in person.

“We are excited to attend the upcoming San Antonio Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ [WFCT], manufacturer’s dealer meetings, SEMA and other social opportunities that we have been deprived of since 2020,” Feldman adds. “You can have a tendency to feel like you’re on an island as a window tinting company, and opportunities to attend things of this nature
make you feel more like you are a part of a larger industry.”

Making Gains

Solar Art of Laguna Hills, Calif., lands in the $10 million-plus revenue category in this edition of the Top Dealer list. The company, which climbed to the $9 to $18 million revenue category in 2021, announced its acquisition of Metro Tint in Phoenix and Amersol in Dallas. Both companies focus on commercial window film sales. This expands Solar Art’s reach into new markets outside of the West Coast, where it has typically focused.

“We are continuing our expansion and acquisition plans,” says Solar Art CEO Matthew Darienzo, who credits his company’s climb to the ability to hire, train and motivate employees to reach their full potential. “Over the next three to five years, we would like locations in all major cities across the U.S.”

The New York Window Film Company is slotted in the $3.5 to $6 million revenue category after achieving the same milestone in 2021. President Steve Pesce says he has “great employees who are always willing to get the job done.”

“We’ve been shut down because of 9/11 terrorist attacks, Hurricane Sandy and a pandemic,” Pesce says. “Not to mention being slowed down by three recessions. But I would have to say the biggest challenge has and still is to get every employee working as a team at all times.”

Amid a major European war, rumors of a recession and the lingering effects of COVID-19, Pesce holds realistic expectations.

“After 32 years of installing window film, I’ve learned not to make projections but instead try to realize achievable goals,” Pesce says. “No one knows where the economy is going, but we are prepared for the best and the worst it could be.”

Watch for a company profile of Top Dealer NGS in the future.

Chris Collier is the assistant editor for Window Film magazine. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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