Changing Tides by Kristy Yelle
by Kristy Yelle
October 26th, 2022

Diversifying in the Slow Season

Depending on your location, your window film business may have a slower season than others. Here in South Carolina, we have a short slow season, typically in December and January. But in other parts of the country with intense winter seasons, those slower months are likely more prolonged. So how do you keep steady business coming in when the demand isn’t as high?

Referral Games

Have you ever considered a referral program for current clients? There are multiple ways to achieve this, such as a “friends-and-family” discount, restaurant gift cards, cash rewards, etc. Be creative and think outside the box. Alongside this, take time to call existing clients and ask for referrals. Talk to them about their families and remind them of how much you appreciate them. This continues to foster trust in the relationship and will retain them for the future.

1. Invest in Inbound: Slower times are a great time to build up your funnel. Overshare content on social media, invest in advertising if your budget allows, network with local businesses and have team brainstorming times to generate new ideas. Pound the pavement; door knock in neighborhoods; stop in businesses to advertise your services. Be creative to get your brand recognized and noticed.

2. Social Media: Focus on distribution—backlinks, ads, blogs, etc. Create informational videos, case studies and find new ways to engage audiences. Attempt to set yourself apart from the competition by becoming the trusted expert in your area. Continue to build your brand awareness and get your entire team involved in the process—it will reap dividends in the long-term.

3. Think About New Markets: Homes, businesses and cars are everywhere we look—potential new customers are all around us. Consider geo-targeting new areas and demographics: are new residential areas being developed or commercial centers being built? Are there dealerships you can partner with? As you are driving around, be open-minded to new opportunities.

4. Quick-fire Contributions: If all else fails, think of quick ways to garner new interest, such as giveaways. You could also start a text messaging or email campaign. Have you considered making limited-edition items of you apparel? If you have a great logo and brand awareness in the area, people jump on those types of opportunities.

I hope that these ideas will help spark creative ways to diversify during slower times. While places like Florida or Hawaii may not have cooler months, there are still new ways to grow your business and clientele. And for those of us that experience differing seasons—some more so than others— I hope these suggestions will help keep you thriving during the slow times.

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