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November 9th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

How to Gain Site Traffic and Customers with Google

What happens when a potential film customer starts typing into Google Search? You have a say, and it’s all about optimizing your website’s presence in search results. Here’s how to capture customers when they’re using Google Search to find window film information and installers nearby.

Visibility in Google Search Results

There are two ways to make your shop’s website visible in Google Search. One way is to simply pay for it, buying ads so your site will be displayed in search results. The other way is to optimize your website so the Google Search algorithm naturally ranks you higher in results.

Spending money on paid search without working on your organic search is like buying a supercharger for an engine that’s misfiring. I recommend working on foundational elements of organic search first before investing in paid search. You may find that paid search is not critical to achieve the results you want in your market.

Optimizing Your Site for Organic Search

The Google Search algorithm directs traffic to sites that it thinks are the most trusted sources for people researching a purchase. So to optimize your website for organic traffic, you need to convince Google Search that your website delivers a good experience.

Google Search naturally prioritizes sites that function well, deliver relevant content, have authority and show expertise. If you’re scratching your head over authority and expertise, keep reading. I’ll explain what these words mean.

Showing Your Site Functions Well

To Google Search, a website that functions as it should will work well on mobile devices and load quickly on any mobile device or computer without errors. It’s simple to check performance in these areas with online tools:
• Find out how mobile-friendly Google search considers your site to be:
• Learn more about the speed with which your site loads:

Some of the results may get a bit technical. Address as many issues as you can if you handle your own website, or discuss with your web developer to see what can be done to improve functionality.

Zeroing in on Relevant Content

The content on your site and the terms you use matter—to Google Search and to your customers. Decide what type of content to include based on the questions you get the most. Do potential customers need explanations? Product information? Installation and care details? Reassurance about endurance? Answer what’s asked most, using the words your customers are likely to use. The more your content matches what gets entered into the Google Search bar, the better your site can perform in organic search.

Getting Authority for Your Website

Google Search wants to send users to trusted sites. It considers both quality content and links between sites to be an indicator of trust. In addition to linking your site to others with their own credibility, it’s essential to have “backlinks” from their site back to yours. To build a strong backlink profile that enhances site authority, look into these opportunities:
• Local directory listings—there will likely be quite a few in your area
• Local charities—do they link to sponsors on their sites?
• Offers or events in local media—get a link back to your site for more info
• Bloggers or other influential people—these could be relationships worth fostering

Providing Expertise on Your Site

Here’s how the “expertise” aspect of the Google Search algorithm works: as it indexes the content of your website, it looks for indicators of expertise in a way that mimics how people look for indicators of expertise. Don’t be shy about listing awards you’ve won, years you’ve been in business or bios for you and your installers. Sharing this information is a meaningful way to show you and your business have expertise in your field.

The Bottom Line

Google Search is used by many consumers during several key moments in the buying process. Reach these potential customers by prioritizing what helps rank your site higher in search results, starting with a solid foundation in organic search. This will help you gain more online visibility, site traffic and customers—without having to pay for it.

Todd Masinelli is the digital strategy and marketing manager for Eastman.

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