CoolVu Franchise Honors Veterans with $2M Two-Year Commitment

November 16th, 2022 by Chris Collier

CoolVu Glass and Surface Solutions, a provider of residential and commercial architectural window film, surface enhancements and graphics, has committed to investing $2 million to cover the franchise fees for veteran-owned franchises over a two-year period.

“At CoolVu, we know veterans and first-responders are uniquely suited for roles that call for leadership and teamwork,” says Mike Herrera, president of CoolVu. “They have so much to offer, and we’re honored for the opportunity to help them thrive in civilian life.”

Military veterans do not need to meet a net worth requirement in order to become a CoolVu franchisee and will pay zero in franchise fees, according to the company. This opportunity allows veterans to transition into a new, worthwhile career while remaining independent and in control.

Veterans are ideal candidates for entrepreneurial opportunities for a number of reasons, according to the release. In addition to leadership and teamwork, they are known for their strong work ethic, ability to handle stressful situations, self-direction and motivation, diversity and inclusion and their proven code of ethics and core values.

Currently, CoolVu is home to three veteran franchisees, representing veterans from the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy with territories in Birmingham Southeast, Charlotte Southeast, and Overland Park. More are actively being recruited.

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