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by Chris Collier
November 2nd, 2022

Wrap of the Week: STEK’s Dyno Blue Chrome PPF

The Las Vegas convention center is home to a plethora of paint protection film (PPF) solutions. STEK made quite the splash by unveiling its brand new protective wrap on a BMW M4 Competition turned pickup truck.

STEK’s new product has been in the works for four years.

“This is a TPU-based PPF,” says Howard Goldberg, operations manager at STEK. “It’s nine-mil thick layered film with an actual layer of blue chrome in it. All of the protections, qualities, gloss and self-healing of our traditional PPF—but now in blue chrome.”

STEK began its Fashion Films line several years ago, starting with gloss black and moving into carbon fiber and forged carbon fiber. Dyno Blue Chrome PPF has been in the laboratory and in the works for four years.

“Before, if you wanted a long-term, high-quality chrome wrap, you had to get a good vinyl, wrap the full body with that and then re-do the full body in PPF,” Goldberg adds. “You had a product that didn’t look amazing but you still had to charge a high premium for it because so much labor is involved. Now it’s all-in-one.”

Goldberg adds, “People can’t believe it. First, they’re stunned that this is an M4 Competition that someone chopped in half and made a pickup truck. And then most people think it’s a vinyl. When they learn it’s PPF, they’re stunned. We’ve been keeping this secret for a very long time.”

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